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STE 300


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Leases Operated by Earthstone Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-16177 GEORGE LONG B Atascosa County
01-19074 PILGRIM UNIT Gonzales County
01-19158 CROSBY UNIT Gonzales County
01-19363 SAYRE UNIT Gonzales County
01-19839 PEN RANCH UNIT Gonzales County
01-19948 DAVIS EAST UNIT Gonzales County
03-26378 FLATONIA SW UNIT Fayette County
08-38763 MIDKIFF Midland County
08-40025 WHITTENBURG Ector County
08-40265 PEARL JAM Midland County
08-47339 HAMMAN 45 Midland County
08-49960 HAAG HZ UNIT Ector County
08-51939 MID-STATES EAST UNIT 37-5 Midland County
08-52457 MID-STATES WEST UNIT 37-5 Midland County
08-56963 HAMMAN 45A TIG Midland County
7C-17721 UNIVERSITY 09 Reagan County
7C-18253 LORIE 26 Irion County
7C-18326 DEETS 33 Irion County
7C-18457 UNIVERSITY 11 RE Reagan County
7C-18582 CHAR HUGHES Reagan County
7C-18681 UNIVERSITY SR 23-26 Reagan County
7C-18869 UNIVERSITY 10 RE Reagan County
7C-18878 HARTGROVE UNIT 22 Reagan County
7C-19430 TSRH UNIT 28S Reagan County
7C-19452 WTG UNIT 5-234 Reagan County
7C-19661 BARNHART 77S75 Irion County
7C-19784 BARNHART Irion County
7C-19793 WTG UNIT 5-234 B Reagan County
7C-19887 BARNHART 60N62 Irion County
7C-19947 BENEDUM 3-6 Upton County
7C-19949 BARNHART 61S59 Irion County
7C-19978 WEST HARTGROVE UNIT 1 Reagan County
7C-20017 WTG UNIT 4-232 A Reagan County
7C-20293 WEATHERBY 1225-1226 A Reagan County
7C-20359 WEATHERBY 1225-1226 E Reagan County
7C-20381 HOLT RE 1222 Reagan County
7C-20400 BARNHART N98 Irion County
7C-20506 JULIE HUGHES UNIT 8-3 Reagan County
7C-20529 BARNHART 103S101 Irion County
7C-20545 COATES 738 Reagan County
7C-20552 CORTES Irion County
7C-20560 HALFMANN 1214 Reagan County
7C-20636 UNIVERSITY 48 Reagan County
7C-20648 UNIVERSITY 49 Reagan County
7C-20665 WATKINS 1229 Reagan County
7C-20667 COPE 82-81 Reagan County
7C-20670 COPE 107-108 Reagan County
7C-20676 MAYER Irion County
7C-20684 UNIVERSITY 9-31 Reagan County
7C-20685 UNIVERSITY 10 Reagan County
7C-20706 ROCKER B 20-21 Reagan County
7C-20765 WEATHERBY 1225-1226 B Reagan County
7C-20766 WEATHERBY 1225-1226 C Reagan County
7C-20816 WEATHERBY 1225-1226 D Reagan County
7C-20834 BARNHART 8N117 Irion County
7C-21028 RATLIFF 9-7 C Upton County
7C-21029 RATLIFF 9-7 D Upton County
7C-21037 RATLIFF 9-7 E Upton County
7C-21497 NICKEL SALOON A Upton County
7C-21511 NICKEL SALOON B Upton County
7C-21512 NICKEL SALOON C Upton County
7C-21580 BENEDUM 3-6 B Upton County
7C-21585 BENEDUM 3-6 A Upton County
7C-21586 BENEDUM 3-6 C Upton County
7C-21687 TSRH EAST 18-20 F Reagan County
7C-21688 TSRH EAST 18-20 G Reagan County
7C-21689 TSRH EAST 18-20 E Reagan County
7C-21714 TSRH EAST 18-20 D Reagan County
7C-21822 WHISKEY RIVER Upton County
7C-21943 BARNHART 77S75 A Irion County
7C-21944 BARNHART 77N79 A Irion County
7C-21945 BARNHART 77S75 B Irion County
7C-21946 BARNHART 77N79 B Irion County
7C-21947 BARNHART 77S75 C Irion County
7C-21980 BENEDUM 3 EAST A Upton County
7C-21981 BENEDUM 3 EAST B Upton County
7C-22072 TSRH EAST 18-20 A Reagan County
7C-22073 TSRH WEST 19-20 D Reagan County
7C-22075 TSRH EAST 18-20 B Reagan County
7C-22076 TSRH EAST 18-20 C Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Earthstone Operating, LLC