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Wells Operated By Endeavor Natural Gas, LP
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Leases Operated by Endeavor Natural Gas, LP

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-14952 SAN PEDRO RANCH Dimmit County
01-16959 ESCONDIDO Dimmit County
01-17340 LA BANDERA RANCH Dimmit County
01-17344 SPR-PRIME UNIT A Dimmit County
01-17594 SPR UNIT A Dimmit County
01-17648 LOCKE UNIT Atascosa County
01-18087 HAMILTON RANCH AB Dimmit County
01-18098 HAMILTON RANCH AC Dimmit County
01-18282 SPR-PRIME UNIT B Dimmit County
01-18614 SERENA RANCH Maverick County
01-18756 LATHAM MCKNIGHT Dimmit County
01-18882 HALSELL Dimmit County
01-18984 WINSHIP Maverick County
01-18998 CUNDIEFF Dimmit County
01-19050 HALSELL A Dimmit County
01-19140 HAMILTON RANCH C Dimmit County
01-19146 COVERT Dimmit County
01-19174 HAMILTON RANCH B Dimmit County
01-19443 GLASS B1 Maverick County
01-19477 GLASS B2 Maverick County
01-19611 SAN AMBROSIA A Webb County
01-19723 CUNDIEFF A Dimmit County
01-19794 HALSELL Dimmit County
01-19881 COVERT A Dimmit County
01-19917 COVERT Dimmit County
01-19950 BRAY Dimmit County
01-20219 COVERT STATE Dimmit County
01-20664 CAGE Maverick County
01-20667 AMMANN Dimmit County
01-20845 BRISCOE RANCH Webb County
01-265731 GLASS B Maverick County
01-265732 GLASS A Maverick County
01-265736 GLASS A Maverick County
02-09467 BORROUM Bee County
02-105767 BORROUM "B" Bee County
02-115707 ARCO COOLEY Victoria County
02-182781 ARCO COOLEY Victoria County
02-202636 COOLEY, M. E. Victoria County
02-207884 BORROUM Bee County
02-291630 ARCO COOLEY Victoria County
03-049244 FRY & BISHOP Liberty County
03-070320 FRY & BISHOP TRS. Liberty County
03-077321 BANK OF THE SOUTHWEST Liberty County
03-09532 H. & T.C. FEE SEC. 193 Liberty County
03-121800 HIGHTOWER, L. P. Liberty County
03-133545 DUCROZ, JAMES L. GAS UNIT Brazoria County
03-154611 SCRAM Wharton County
03-169652 DUCROZ, JAMES L. GAS UNIT Brazoria County
03-169653 DUCROZ, JAMES L. GAS UNIT Brazoria County
03-196210 MARMION Brazoria County
03-198101 FRY & BISHOP Liberty County
03-211988 MARMION Brazoria County
03-229826 DOHERTY GAS UNIT Brazoria County
03-25679 ANN ADAMS MELVIN UNIT Brazos County
03-25687 BARRETT Madison County
03-27079 BALUSEK WOOTTON UNIT Colorado County
03-275256 BLACK STONE A-266 Hardin County
03-276549 BALUSEK WOOTTON UNIT Colorado County
04-233054 SOLIS Zapata County
06-084945 TEMPLE-EASTEX Shelby County
06-092410 VARDEMAN IMOGENE Nacogdoches County
06-13288 ARCO FEE A-248 Jasper County
06-15132 BP FEE A-344 Jasper County
06-15219 BP FEE A-896 Jasper County
06-161250 JACKSON, K. L. Nacogdoches County
06-182858 VASTAR FEE GAS UNIT Shelby County
06-183800 VASTAR FEE GAS UNIT Shelby County
06-206346 ANTHONY Shelby County
06-212413 OLIVER UNIT Shelby County
06-214461 OXSHEER Nacogdoches County
06-214785 SAMFORD Shelby County
06-215569 GINN (ANTHONY GU) Shelby County
06-217344 WOOD Shelby County
06-219802 WILSON Shelby County
06-224486 JOY Shelby County
06-226495 JOHNSON Shelby County
06-228632 JENNY Shelby County
06-230576 BARBEE Shelby County
06-233730 JOHNSON Shelby County
06-259260 JOHN O. HALL Sabine County

Drilling Permits Filed by Endeavor Natural Gas, LP