Energon3 Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Energon3
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Leases Operated by Energon3

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00778 FOERSTER, A. W. Wilson County
01-00866 HARTFIELD, FRAZIER -A- Guadalupe County
01-00911 SCULL, C. E. EST., DR. Wilson County
01-02284 SCULL, ALICE WARREN Wilson County
01-03379 MONTGOMERY,VALERIE Guadalupe County
01-03541 HASTINGS, W. C., JR. Wilson County
01-05939 SCULL, C. E. JR. Wilson County
01-06057 HARTFIELD, F. ET AL -B- Guadalupe County
01-06209 HARTFIELD, F. -D- Guadalupe County
01-07251 BETTY SUE BIRD B Wilson County
01-08502 HARRIS, HERMAN -A- Guadalupe County
01-08667 BETTY SUE BIRD C Wilson County
01-09267 GOMO Guadalupe County
01-09886 SCULL, C. E. JR. -B- Wilson County
01-11456 CARTER, ANNETTE BONDALE Guadalupe County
01-11876 LARK NORTH McMullen County
01-13049 BETTY SUE BIRD A Wilson County
01-14119 GW-SCULL, A. Wilson County
01-14142 C.E.SCULL,JR.-G- Wilson County
01-14143 GRUN, W. J. Wilson County
01-15011 ARC-LARK McMullen County
01-15075 JMAK McMullen County
01-18681 ANGEL ARMS Wilson County
01-18904 HARRIS, HERMAN Guadalupe County

Drilling Permits Filed by Energon3