Etoco Incorporated Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Etoco Incorporated
Map of Wells Operated by Etoco Incorporated
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1600 SMITH ST STE 3910

Leases Operated by Etoco Incorporated

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-03976 OAKWOOD REALTY Jefferson County
03-076411 KLOPSTECK Austin County
03-132377 HOUSTON, SAM UNIT Harris County
03-150776 DESTEC Harris County
03-154153 HOUSTON, SAM Harris County
03-158791 BARNHART Harris County
03-161298 BARNHART Harris County
03-162220 S. J. R. A. Harris County
03-164797 WILKINSON Harris County
03-165955 SCHUHMACHER Harris County
03-166506 CRAIG Harris County
03-171233 ELENA UNIT Harris County
03-171384 KAECHELE UNIT Austin County
03-172838 L. L. & E. NO. 1 UNIT Harris County
03-175011 JACKSON/PEACE Harris County
03-175118 BISHOP UNIT Harris County
03-176226 KAECHELE UNIT Austin County
03-180528 KAECHELE UNIT Austin County
03-180699 ETOCO FEE Harris County
03-182187 HOUSTON, SAM UNIT Harris County
03-182406 WALKER Harris County
03-185574 KAECHELE UNIT Austin County
03-185740 HOUSTON, SAM UNIT Harris County
03-192086 KAECHELE, CHARLES UNIT Austin County
03-195280 KRENEK, FRANK Fort Bend County
03-195495 SCHAER Austin County
03-196881 SCHAER UNIT Austin County
03-199385 SCHAER UNIT Austin County
03-200388 KAECHELE, CHARLES UNIT Austin County
03-202608 SCHAER UNIT Austin County
03-206262 DESTEC Harris County
03-206561 KAECHELE, CHARLES UNIT Austin County
03-23303 CAMPBELL-HARRINGTON Harris County
03-23577 JONES UNIT Harris County
03-23739 O'DONNELL, WILLIAM S. TRUSTEE Harris County
03-23966 JESSE BISHOP UNIT Harris County
03-23982 STATE OF TEXAS SHALLOW UNIT Harris County
03-24007 STATE OF TEXAS DEEP UNIT Harris County
03-24050 JONES, L. UNIT Harris County
03-24459 MARLIN Fort Bend County

Drilling Permits Filed by Etoco Incorporated