European-Southwest Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By European-Southwest Co.
Map of Wells Operated by European-Southwest Co.
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P O BOX 540849

Leases Operated by European-Southwest Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000379 HALSELL, EWING Dimmit County
01-000380 HALSELL, EWING Maverick County
01-000381 HALSELL, EWING Dimmit County
01-000382 HALSELL, EWING Dimmit County
01-02841 HALSELL, EWING Dimmit County
01-06501 HIERHOLZER, ALTON Wilson County
01-071999 HALSELL, EWING Dimmit County
01-07652 FLIELLER, CLIFTON Wilson County
01-08393 HIERHOLZER, CLIFFORD Wilson County
01-08401 SWIENTEK, THEODORE Wilson County
01-08703 HIERHOLZER, ALTON Wilson County
01-08704 HIERHOLZER, C.H. Wilson County
01-08871 HIERHOLZER, OTTO -A- Wilson County
01-09031 HIERHOLZER, OTTO Wilson County
01-09177 HEIRHOLZER, CLIFFORD Wilson County
01-096032 JIRAL, JAMES GAS UNIT Wilson County
01-096034 UHLIG, J. C. Wilson County
01-101440 UHLIG, ROSE GAS UNIT Wilson County
01-10323 BACHRACH Wilson County
01-107566 LANGILLE, S. M. ESTATE Wilson County
01-11492 STAVINOHA, VICTOR Wilson County
01-11630 HEIRHOLZER 7 BRS Wilson County
01-12290 KRUSE, ROSE M. Wilson County
01-13515 JIRAL, JAMES Wilson County
01-13680 BACHRACH, M. E. Wilson County
02-06386 WIRTH,H.E. Calhoun County
02-110998 DAGG, HILDA Lavaca County
02-121875 DAGG, HILDA -A- Lavaca County
02-130232 MUSSELMAN, GEORGE ESTATE Victoria County
04-01056 JOHNSON, J. W. Duval County
04-01134 CURRY, W. H. Duval County
04-01135 NORTON, W. P. Duval County
04-01145 KRAUTER, CARL Duval County
04-01239 RUIZ Duval County
04-01241 WINNIE Duval County
04-02864 GARZA DE RODRIQUEZ, P. Duval County
04-04678 MOODY Duval County
04-04784 MOODY Duval County
04-04791 HAHL, C. W. Duval County
04-04792 HENNE-WINCH Duval County
04-04850 MOODY Duval County
05-02192 SMITH, JEFF Hopkins County
7B-079610 DUNN, BRISCOE Brown County
7B-091499 CARMICHAEL Brown County
7B-14636 BOWERS D.L. Brown County
7B-14650 BOWERS D.L. "A" Brown County
7B-15510 WARREN D.B. Eastland County
7B-15511 FULLER-BROWNING UNIT Eastland County
7B-16260 BARTON T.L. Eastland County

Drilling Permits Filed by European-Southwest Co.