Evx Operating LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Evx Operating LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Evx Operating LLC
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5555 SAN FELIPE STE 1200

Leases Operated by Evx Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-13636 KERLICK Karnes County
01-16037 PENA-PENA La Salle County
01-16322 PENA La Salle County
01-16352 FF CHEAPSIDE SWD Gonzales County
01-16661 WESTHOFF SWD Gonzales County
01-16751 NIXON Gonzales County
01-16756 GILLETT SWD Karnes County
01-17081 R R PRINCE RANCH SWD, LTD La Salle County
01-17227 TILDEN HWY 72 McMullen County
01-17257 FOWLERTON SWD La Salle County
01-17700 FF FASHING SWD Atascosa County
01-18452 YO RANCH SWD Wilson County
01-19920 PENA SWD La Salle County
01-20049 MILESTONE SWD McMullen County
01-273541 DONNELL SWD McMullen County
01-279192 KHC SWD 1 McMullen County
02-10217 RUNGE SWD Karnes County
02-10278 YORKTOWN WEST 72 SWD DeWitt County
02-10288 KENEDY 72 SWD Karnes County
02-11342 J. P. WRIGHT Karnes County
02-12031 BROOKS Wilson County
02-265539 GRANT Karnes County
02-265940 CUERO SWD DeWitt County
02-266923 GARRETT Karnes County
02-272909 CUERO SWD DeWitt County
02-276278 MEGHAN J Lavaca County

Drilling Permits Filed by Evx Operating LLC