Extech Operating, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Extech Operating, LLC
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PO BOX 470653


Leases Operated by Extech Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-029199 EVANS Jack County
09-036803 CAMPBELL, M. I. Jack County
09-040745 COX, G. R. "A" Jack County
09-085961 DURHAM -A-1- GAS UNIT Jack County
09-134240 BOWLIN, J. M. Wise County
09-147636 BROWN, LUPTON Jack County
09-153982 BERRY Jack County
09-157488 MANSFIELD Wise County
09-217639 ANADARKO Wise County
09-219164 STEWARD Jack County
09-261747 CULVERHOUSE Wise County
09-26589 PRUNTY, L. G. "B" Jack County
09-27007 COX-HAMON Wise County
09-282829 STEWARD "B" Jack County
09-283803 TATE Wise County
09-286077 FRANKENFIELD Wise County
09-286902 MCDONALD Montague County
09-29159 MANSFIELD Wise County
09-294715 HAMILTON Jack County
09-29505 LAIRD ESTATE "A" Montague County
09-29979 COX, G. R. "A" Jack County
09-30352 HAMILTON Jack County
09-30480 YOUNGER Wise County
09-30530 HOLT "A" Clay County
09-30851 HOLT "B" Clay County
09-30852 HOLT "C" Clay County
09-30891 MANSFIELD "B" Wise County
09-31021 STEWARD "A" Jack County
09-31081 BERRY, J. G. JR. Jack County
09-31240 YOUNGER, DOUG Wise County
09-31260 ALEXANDER Wise County
09-31970 HOLT "B" Clay County
09-32490 COLLIER Wise County
09-32893 JAMES Wichita County
09-33016 PIGG Wise County
09-33809 MCDONALD Montague County
09-33963 MCDONALD B Montague County
09-34013 HOLT 'C' Clay County
09-34149 HAHN Montague County
09-34282 EXTECH FLINT Jack County
7B-109449 VIETH,F. "B" Parker County
7B-125374 VIETH, F. "D" Parker County
7B-129227 VIETH, F. "A" Parker County
8A-69086 REDDOCH "17" Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Extech Operating, LLC