Exxcel Production Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Exxcel Production Company
Map of Wells Operated by Exxcel Production Company
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BOX 1800
PAMPA, TX 79066


Leases Operated by Exxcel Production Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-00033 BLOCK, B. F. Carson County
10-00273 BYRUM, B. F. A. -B- Gray County
10-00276 GORENFLO, J. N. Gray County
10-00308 FAULKNER, S. -A- Gray County
10-00317 WORLEY, P. A. ETAL -A- Gray County
10-00330 HAGGARD, T. B. Gray County
10-00415 BOWERS, J. B. Gray County
10-00416 COMBS-WORLEY Gray County
10-00417 COMBS-WORLEY -A- Gray County
10-00419 HOLMES, NANCY Gray County
10-00420 WORLEY, P. A. Gray County
10-00424 CHAPMAN /10/ Gray County
10-00425 CHAPMAN /49/ Gray County
10-00426 CHAPMAN /50/ Gray County
10-00476 JOHNSON -A- Gray County
10-00502 WHEAT Gray County
10-00568 ARCHER, W. C. Gray County
10-00570 MCCONNELL, R. S. Gray County
10-00572 VAUGHN, M. Gray County
10-00686 CASTLEBERRY, W. N. Gray County
10-01408 EDES Wheeler County
10-01409 WILLIAMS Wheeler County
10-01422 KOONS, J. P. Wheeler County
10-01425 PERKINS-CULLUM -A- Wheeler County
10-01450 PERKINS-CULLUM -C- Wheeler County
10-01473 JOHNSON Wheeler County
10-023065 GORENFLO Gray County
10-023067 PERCIVAL Carson County
10-023192 DAUER Carson County
10-023224 MONGOLE "A" Gray County
10-023232 TEXAS Carson County
10-023964 COBB, E. E. Carson County
10-023970 MCKAY, A. G. Gray County
10-023973 PERCIVAL Carson County
10-024334 BRYAN, E. F. Carson County
10-024336 BURKE Gray County
10-024337 CASE, ESTATE Gray County
10-024342 DUNCAN Carson County
10-024343 DURRETT Carson County
10-024346 FARLEY Carson County
10-024350 GINN Gray County
10-024351 GORDZELIK Carson County
10-024353 HAIDUK Carson County
10-024356 HODGES Carson County
10-024358 JENDRUSCH Carson County
10-024359 KALKA Carson County
10-024368 MCCONNELL, R. S. Carson County
10-024369 MCCONNELL, R. S. Carson County
10-024371 MCCONNELL, R. S. Carson County
10-024374 MARTIN -B- Carson County
10-024375 MATHERS Gray County
10-024376 OSBORNE Carson County
10-024382 POPE Carson County
10-024387 SULLIVAN Carson County
10-024388 SULLIVAN Carson County
10-024390 THORNBURG Carson County
10-024391 UPSHAW-BARNARD Carson County
10-024392 URBANCZYK, L. T. Carson County
10-024393 URBANCZYK -B- Carson County
10-024394 URBANCZYK -B- Carson County
10-024398 WALKER Carson County
10-024401 WHITE DEER INV. Carson County
10-024404 WITTER Carson County
10-025698 GORENFLO Gray County
10-025905 WRIGHT, J. M. Gray County
10-02811 HUGHEY -A- Gray County
10-02899 WRIGHT Gray County
10-033887 JOHNSON Gray County
10-04787 COMBS-WORLEY "C" Gray County
10-05118 FELIX Gray County
10-05269 GEORGIA Gray County
10-05413 CLINT Gray County
10-05620 JAYCEE Gray County
10-085886 KUYKENDALL Carson County
10-097915 BURGIN Carson County
10-131737 MATTHEW Gray County
10-138395 JACKSON Gray County
10-158952 BYRUM Gray County
10-160767 BENEDICT Gray County
10-186138 WORLEY, P. A. ETAL -A- Gray County

Drilling Permits Filed by Exxcel Production Company