Felderhoff Production Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Felderhoff Production Company
Map of Wells Operated by Felderhoff Production Company
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PO BOX 430


Leases Operated by Felderhoff Production Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-04930 T. & N. O. RR CO. Liberty County
09-02081 WESTBROOK, D. J. Cooke County
09-02135 PACE BROS. Cooke County
09-02213 ALMON Cooke County
09-02566 MOONEY ESTATE Cooke County
09-02739 GRAHAM, J. H. Grayson County
09-02753 WRIGHT, ARCHIE Grayson County
09-02780 WATSON -A- Grayson County
09-02793 WATSON -A- Grayson County
09-02829 VARLEY, S. Grayson County
09-02845 SUDDATH BROTHERS Grayson County
09-04506 ETTER, J. S. Montague County
09-04507 JANEWAY, J. P. Montague County
09-086521 MCKISSICK UNIT Wise County
09-10947 PLUMLEE, A. L., ETUX Cooke County
09-11424 PLUMLEE BROS. Cooke County
09-11584 JOHNSON, W. A. Cooke County
09-12237 SMITH, W. B. Grayson County
09-13918 BUTLER, TIP Grayson County
09-15826 KALER FEE "B" Cooke County
09-16029 RITCHEY UNIT Cooke County
09-16376 DEGAN SAND UNIT Grayson County
09-17902 HINZMAN, CONRAD Cooke County
09-17960 FLEITMAN, WM. Cooke County
09-180584 MADER Jack County
09-18137 FLEITMAN, H W Cooke County
09-183311 HARTIN Denton County
09-18488 CALHOUN, J. M. Grayson County
09-19459 THOMPSON - CHURCH UNIT Cooke County
09-20033 BECK UNIT Cooke County
09-21773 KALER FEE "A" Cooke County
09-21877 PICKENS, BYRD Grayson County
09-22426 BONNER, J. G. Cooke County
09-23198 GONZALIS Cooke County
09-23682 MCCORMACK "A" Cooke County
09-23707 WOODALL, C. L. Grayson County
09-238577 RAYZOR-SOUTH UNIT Denton County
09-238578 WHYBURN UNIT Denton County
09-246670 AUNE UNIT Denton County
09-247904 RAYZOR-SOUTH Denton County
09-250462 RAYZOR NORTH UNIT Denton County
09-26382 VARLEY Grayson County
09-264176 PITNER-NORTH UNIT Denton County
09-27036 BA UNIT Cooke County
09-27481 BAHAMA UNIT Montague County
09-28461 JEANES, L.H. Grayson County
09-28519 EAST QUEENS PEAK UNIT Montague County
09-28666 PATTERSON UNIT Grayson County
09-28856 MITCHELL Grayson County
09-29062 MCDONALD, ROY Montague County
09-29063 HIPKE REAST Grayson County
09-29103 DAVIS UNIT Grayson County
09-29191 MORDECAI Grayson County
09-29826 SARRIS, I. A. Grayson County
09-29874 WYATT, W.M. Cooke County
09-30126 MCKEMIE Cooke County
09-30666 COLLING, ALMA Grayson County
09-30826 VH UNIT Montague County
09-31974 LEGACY Montague County
09-32042 LEGACY A Montague County
09-33230 BOIS D'ARC FENCEPOST Grayson County
09-33681 JEPHCOTT UNIT Cooke County
7B-02924 HICKS, J. L. Nolan County
7B-056384 CALVIN-HART UNIT Palo Pinto County
7B-31375 WINFREY Eastland County
7C-13325 SPECK McCulloch County
7C-13600 BUSH, JERRY GLENN McCulloch County
7C-13696 HARGROVES McCulloch County
7C-13715 BYMAN McCulloch County
7C-13721 SPENCER McCulloch County
7C-13848 WHITE ESTATE "B" McCulloch County
7C-14122 JACOBY McCulloch County
7C-18218 SWIFT Schleicher County
7C-19168 PRIESTLEY Schleicher County
7C-21073 SONORA Schleicher County
7C-21232 PARKER Schleicher County
7C-21233 EAGLES WEST Schleicher County
8A-63477 LAWSON Hockley County
8A-69363 DEAN Cochran County

Drilling Permits Filed by Felderhoff Production Company