Four Sevens Operating Co., LTD. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Four Sevens Operating Co., LTD.
Map of Wells Operated by Four Sevens Operating Co., LTD.
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Leases Operated by Four Sevens Operating Co., LTD.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-199258 KATHLEEN Tarrant County
09-021585 RICHARDS, W. R. Jack County
09-028908 FANCHER, L. O. Wise County
09-028915 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-028922 YATES, CAP Jack County
09-028925 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-03975 CHERRYHOMES Jack County
09-040372 CHERRYHOMES, ROY Jack County
09-042523 CHERRYHOMES, ROY "C" Jack County
09-043544 APPLING, VERON Wise County
09-075025 CHERRYHOMES, ROY "D" Jack County
09-075656 CHERRYHOMES, ROY "D" Jack County
09-085018 CHERRY HOMES, ROY "D" Jack County
09-095015 CHERRYHOMES, ROY "F" Jack County
09-09737 YATES, I. G. Jack County
09-10266 DURHAM, W. J. "B" Jack County
09-105257 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-108285 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-112686 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-117057 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-133457 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-147717 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-149095 CHERRYHOMES, ROY "C" Jack County
09-155340 CHERRYHOMES, T. H. LINE WELL Jack County
09-17154 CAP YATES Jack County
09-172056 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-172625 CHERRYHOMES, ROY "F" Jack County
09-172639 CHERRYHOMES, ROY "E" Jack County
09-173604 DURHAM, W. J. "A" Jack County
09-173699 CAP YATES Jack County
09-174186 FAYETTE YATES Jack County
09-174942 FANCHER, L. O. Wise County
09-176099 CAP YATES Jack County
09-177186 FAYETTE YATES Jack County
09-177391 IG/F YATES B Jack County
09-177393 FAYETTE YATES Jack County
09-177395 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-177437 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-178599 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-178909 CAP YATES Jack County
09-178912 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-179137 FAYETTE YATES Jack County
09-179558 CAP YATES Jack County
09-179807 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-179808 YATES, FAYETTE Jack County
09-180182 YATES, BILLIE Jack County
09-182171 CHERRYHOMES, ROY Jack County
09-183218 CLEVELAND TAYLOR UNIT Tarrant County
09-186294 CLEVELAND TAYLOR UNIT Tarrant County
09-186944 DURHAM, W. J. "B" Jack County
09-187899 CHERRYHOMES, ROY D. Jack County
09-189087 CHERRYHOMES, ROY "F" Jack County
09-190751 CHERRYHOMES, ROY "D" Jack County
09-192083 CLEVELAND TAYLOR UNIT Tarrant County
09-192084 FAYETTE YATES Jack County
09-192611 ALLISTON Wise County
09-192613 HASLET "78" GU Tarrant County
09-195240 MITCHELL Tarrant County
09-195243 BRUMBAUGH Tarrant County
09-195591 FOSSIL HILL Tarrant County
09-196208 FOSSIL HILL Tarrant County
09-197073 FOLTZ Tarrant County
09-197130 GOLDEN TRIANGLE D Tarrant County
09-198261 FOSSIL HILL Tarrant County
09-199486 DAUGHERTY Tarrant County
09-199489 FOSSIL HILL Tarrant County
09-199496 LANGLEY Tarrant County
09-200143 HASLET HEIGHTS Tarrant County
09-200145 BRUMBAUGH Tarrant County
09-200336 HASLET HEIGHTS Tarrant County
09-200338 HUGH WHITE UNIT Tarrant County
09-201897 HAWKINS UNIT Tarrant County
09-203441 LANGLEY Tarrant County
09-212415 HARBISON-FISCHER Tarrant County
09-212765 PARROT Tarrant County
09-223912 POLY "C" Tarrant County
09-228036 TARRANT MINERALS B Tarrant County
09-254585 MINERALS, W.S. Tarrant County
09-28383 CAP YATES Wise County
09-29642 CAP YATES Jack County

Drilling Permits Filed by Four Sevens Operating Co., LTD.