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Wells Operated By Frostwood Energy, LLC
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Leases Operated by Frostwood Energy, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-01186 MAREK Victoria County
02-01192 GRAY Victoria County
02-01235 WARNKEN, LENA Victoria County
02-01674 SCHUECH, D. W. "E" Jackson County
02-03414 CRAVENS, J. R. Jackson County
02-03415 EVERSBERG, C. R. Jackson County
02-03418 HAMONS, DAN Jackson County
02-03420 KURETSCH, R. Jackson County
02-03432 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-05933 ROOS Victoria County
02-06706 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-06764 TRAYLOR, MAUDE Calhoun County
02-06925 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-07086 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-08171 TURNER, E.A Jackson County
02-08205 HAMONS, DAN Jackson County
02-08219 SCHUECH, IRMA "B" Jackson County
02-08222 SCHUECH, IRMA "B" Jackson County
02-08321 BENNETT, J. M. "R" Jackson County
02-08841 HAMONS, DAN Jackson County
02-09045 FAGAN Refugio County
02-09105 SCHOVAJASA A Victoria County
02-09181 MARBERRY Refugio County
02-10787 FAGAN Refugio County
02-10948 FORD GRANT UNIT Victoria County
02-10979 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-11042 MARBERRY B Refugio County
02-11233 MARBERRY B Refugio County
02-112885 WELDER, PATRICK H. -A- Calhoun County
02-11365 KWM Jackson County
02-11497 TRAYLOR, MAUDE B. "B" Calhoun County
02-11589 GRAY-SCHNEIDER Victoria County
02-11598 WELDER Calhoun County
02-11619 HENDERSON SCHOVAJSA Victoria County
02-11634 PARENICA Victoria County
02-11639 WHELESS-SKLAR Victoria County
02-11641 MAUDE B. TRAYLOR "B" Calhoun County
02-11669 GRAY-FEE EAST Victoria County
02-11785 GEBAUER-SKLAR Victoria County
02-11829 LALA-HANZELKA Victoria County
02-11837 WHELESS-MAREK Victoria County
02-11848 HENDERSON-SCHOVAJSA C Victoria County
02-11849 BUHLER-SCHOVAJSA Victoria County
02-11855 MCFADDIN FAGAN Victoria County
02-11860 WHELESS-MAREK B Victoria County
02-11889 HENDERSON-SCHNEIDER Victoria County
02-12001 GRAY-CORTEZ Victoria County
02-133415 TRAYLOR, MAUDE B. Calhoun County
02-148417 MAURITZ, T.N. Jackson County
02-149529 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-151041 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-151098 TRAYLOR, MAUDE B. Calhoun County
02-181634 WELDER, P. H. "B" Calhoun County
02-185214 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-185223 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-190671 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-248628 TRAYLOR, MAUDE B. "B" Calhoun County
02-253009 FAGAN "A" Refugio County
02-254382 MARBERRY "B" Refugio County
02-256502 FAGAN Refugio County
02-258978 FAGAN Refugio County
02-259742 MAUDE B. TRAYLOR Calhoun County
02-269673 MCFADDIN Victoria County
02-280303 MCFADDIN Victoria County
03-13426 KORENEK-FRITCHER UNIT Burleson County
03-14165 BERAN, ANTON Burleson County
03-14331 THOMAS-EASLEY UNIT Burleson County
03-14980 SIEGMUND, MAX Lee County
03-15875 CLARK UNIT Burleson County
03-16566 SCHMIDT, ALFRED Burleson County
03-16757 FREYTAG "A" Fayette County
03-284259 BOWERS, LORRAINE Burleson County
04-12594 WELDER, MINNIE S. San Patricio County
04-139824 WELDER, MINNIE S. San Patricio County
04-14073 FLINN San Patricio County
04-14090 MAYO San Patricio County
04-14092 FLINN-MAYO San Patricio County
04-209887 WELDER, MINNIE S. San Patricio County
04-261352 WELDER, MINNIE S. San Patricio County
04-277642 WELDER, MINNIE S. San Patricio County

Drilling Permits Filed by Frostwood Energy, LLC