Gary Oil & Gas Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Gary Oil & Gas
Map of Wells Operated by Gary Oil & Gas
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P O BOX 206

Leases Operated by Gary Oil & Gas

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-00844 MO. PACIFIC RY. Jackson County
02-00872 MO. PACIFIC RY. Jackson County
02-00917 MO. PACIFIC RY. Jackson County
02-00937 WILLOUGHBY, A. J. Jackson County
02-01643 TONEY, T. E. Jackson County
02-01681 TONEY, T. E. Jackson County
02-02194 MISSOURI PACIFIC RY. Jackson County
02-02632 FEHRENKAMP, F. Jackson County
02-03489 HERLIN, JEAN T. Jackson County
02-04250 KURETSCH, RAYMOND Jackson County
02-04268 MO. PACIFIC RY. Jackson County
02-04337 LOVETT EST. Jackson County
02-04339 BURDITT, ALLEN L., ET AL Jackson County
02-04367 MCHANEY, GEORGE Jackson County
02-04600 MOODY RANCH Jackson County
02-05200 MAURITZ UNIT Jackson County
02-05283 MAURITZ UNIT Jackson County
02-05302 KOPECKY, JOHN L. Jackson County
02-05540 TONEY, T. E. Jackson County
02-05769 MOODY, N. Jackson County
02-05881 MOODY RANCH Jackson County
02-066521 MOODY RANCH Jackson County
02-07973 MOURSAND-BURES Jackson County
02-111327 LOWRANCE RANCH Lavaca County
02-123230 SEALE, SAM D. Jackson County
02-144090 BAROS GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-144304 KURETSCH, RAYMOND Jackson County
03-01316 REICHARDT, FRANK Harris County
03-01318 SMITH, D. H., ETAL Harris County
03-01322 KENNEDY, J. A. C. Harris County
03-01323 DWYER ESTATE Harris County
03-01360 ROEMER & MODGLIN Harris County
03-01789 TROXELL, B. F. ETAL Harris County
03-02176 STEWART, MACO ETAL Galveston County
03-02376 HARRELL 10 AC. Harris County
03-02379 STRIBLING, W. F. Harris County
03-02390 MASON 17-A Harris County
03-02404 BENDER -RIVER- Harris County
03-02408 C. O. & G. CO. Harris County
03-02409 PARAFFINE Harris County
03-02410 STOCKDICK FEE Harris County
03-02411 WAGONER, A. W. Harris County
03-02418 WAGNER, LOUIS W. Harris County
03-02445 LEVY, MABLE LIPPER -A- Harris County
03-02514 SCHILLING, A. Chambers County
03-03130 RYEMAN, J. Harris County
03-03978 QUINN, B. E. Jefferson County
03-043201 SUMMERS, E. L. Brazoria County
03-05048 MINCHEN, S. ETAL Harris County
03-06399 MARTIN-HERMANN Harris County
03-06634 BRYAN, FLORENCE, -A- Harris County
03-06640 UNDERWOOD FEE Brazoria County
03-07704 CROWE, H. I., FEE #1 Harris County
03-07951 BROUN, GORDON E. Fort Bend County
03-08688 INDUSTRIAL INV. CO. A/C #4 Jefferson County
03-08938 WEST LIBERTY OIL CO. Liberty County
03-09068 UNITY-ROACH Jefferson County
03-09449 MERCHANT, A., EST. Liberty County
03-10506 WHITE HEIRS Chambers County
03-10983 T. T. P. L. CO. FEE Harris County
03-10984 HAMILTON, H., FEE Harris County
03-10986 HIRSCH Harris County
03-11059 JAMISON, J. T. Liberty County
03-11085 WHITE HEIRS"A" Chambers County
03-111092 WHITE HEIRS Chambers County
03-11410 OLD COLONY Liberty County
03-11507 HARRISON, DAN "III" ET AL Liberty County
03-11702 STEWART, MACO ET AL Galveston County
03-12111 SOUTH TEXAS LUMBER CO Harris County
03-150913 MACO STEWART ET AL Galveston County
03-15189 BAUMERT, S. A.E. Chambers County
03-22412 HEMUS-BRADEN UNIT Brazoria County
03-22531 WHITE HEIRS Chambers County
03-22610 JACKSON, PEARL ESTATE Chambers County
03-22840 SCHILLING A-B Chambers County
03-23287 SUN FEE Hardin County
03-23320 WHITE HEIRS Chambers County
04-116153 BARKER HEIRS Kenedy County
04-159134 KUEMPEL, HELEN Nueces County
05-03508 NASH Leon County

Drilling Permits Filed by Gary Oil & Gas