Gibson DRLG. Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Gibson DRLG. Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Gibson DRLG. Co.
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BOX 1540

Leases Operated by Gibson DRLG. Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-14643 GROCE Burleson County
03-15359 STRONG Burleson County
05-01531 CHURCH & WILKINSON Navarro County
05-015701 PHILLIPS, HARRY S.,-MILLS UNIT Freestone County
05-015712 PHILLIPS, HARRY S.,-MILLS UNIT Freestone County
06-00716 REED, E. A. Cherokee County
06-016382 GRIFFITH, L. F. Rusk County
06-01740 HAMILTON, MARTHA Franklin County
06-02232 MAYNE, HAZEL T., -A- Cherokee County
06-05879 RICHARDSON, REUBE GENE Rusk County
06-05965 EDDINS, MAGGIE B.
06-065474 WILLIAMS, CLAUDE Harrison County
06-077540 MARTIN GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-085154 MARTIN GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-087775 SMITH, DURWOOD A. Rusk County
06-092426 MACKEY, L. L. ESTATE UNIT Gregg County
06-098672 HILL Harrison County
06-098682 BRADSHAW Harrison County
06-098683 TAYLOR Harrison County
06-10248 BEARDEN, BESSIE Rusk County
06-10257 BLACKMON Wood County
06-102591 SMITH-WALLACE Panola County
06-10310 KRASNER-WALTERS Gregg County
06-10524 BLACKMON Wood County
06-108127 MCKAY Harrison County
06-110850 CHILES Cherokee County
06-110923 TUFCO Rusk County
06-112597 MAYO Harrison County
06-11494 LAIRD, IVY Gregg County
06-11642 FAIR Smith County
06-11781 L. S. H. & F. C. Wood County
06-118003 LAIRD, IVY Gregg County
06-11950 RUDD Harrison County
06-122311 BATON Rusk County
06-124984 BATON Rusk County
6E-06189 HARRIS, O. D., ET AL Rusk County
6E-07858 KING, A.A. Gregg County
6E-08576 ASHLEY J. W. HEIRS Rusk County
6E-08637 HEIRS, H. SEXTON Rusk County
6E-08645 WATTS "B" Upshur County

Drilling Permits Filed by Gibson DRLG. Co.