Gilley, Sam D. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Gilley, Sam D.
Map of Wells Operated by Gilley, Sam D.
Contact Information
Company Name:

16037 COUNTY ROAD 3147
TYLER, TX 75706

Leases Operated by Gilley, Sam D.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04565 MCRAE/ORYX M & J Frio County
01-04736 HENLEY, HOWARD J. Frio County
01-04923 NEAL -B- Frio County
01-05057 NEAL -A- Frio County
01-05095 NEWSON, WILLIS Frio County
01-05229 NEWSOM, WILLIS -A- Frio County
01-105329 JESSEE Zavala County
01-105330 JESSEE Zavala County
01-105335 PRYOR Zavala County
01-105336 PRYOR Zavala County
01-105338 PRYOR Zavala County
01-105339 PRYOR Zavala County
01-105340 PRYOR Zavala County
01-113359 DECLEENE Zavala County
01-115152 DECLEENE Zavala County
01-12484 CARTER, D.J. Frio County
01-130520 PRYOR-PICKENS Zavala County
03-122831 STANOLIND-MITCHELL Jefferson County
04-01535 BISHOP CATTLE COMPANY -I- Duval County
04-04605 CANTU, AIDA B. Duval County
08-078249 ARCO -75- Pecos County
08-101899 VASTAR 75 Pecos County
08-105475 VASTAR 75 Pecos County
08-111146 CABEEN Pecos County
08-115464 UNIVERSITY "C" Pecos County
7B-08010 HUTCHENS Haskell County
7B-08550 TANKERSLEY, E. H. Haskell County
7C-04094 GRIFFITH -A- Tom Green County
7C-098432 MCGREGOR Schleicher County
7C-11602 THORNBURG "B" Schleicher County
7C-11624 DOUBLE M "44" Tom Green County
7C-119503 GRIFFITH "A" Tom Green County
8A-62217 BREWSTER Lamb County
8A-63261 FERGUSON, WESLEY Crosby County
8A-66094 POLVADO, E. L. Cochran County
8A-66104 GAVETT CREEK Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by Gilley, Sam D.