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Leases Operated by Ginnings Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-01733 ANDERSON Clay County
09-029116 DEES, W. J. "B" Jack County
09-03473 CHERRYHOMES, VIRGINIA Jack County
09-03662 DEES, W. J. Jack County
09-037049 DEES, W. J. Jack County
09-037051 DEES, W. J. Jack County
09-037052 DEES, W. J. Jack County
09-06296 WAGGONER, J. & J. Wichita County
09-072982 RICHARDS, J. H. Jack County
09-102526 BAILEY Jack County
09-131609 JOHNSON, C.W. JR. Young County
09-163222 BAILEY Jack County
09-165096 DEES, W. J. Jack County
09-18117 EKERN Foard County
09-19362 INGLE, C. -A- Foard County
09-19388 COLLIER, ET. AL. Montague County
09-19538 COLLIER Montague County
09-20605 CREWS, S. -A- Foard County
09-20673 OVERSTREET F. S. Montague County
09-21198 NORTH DEER CREEK UNIT Clay County
09-22459 GWD UNIT Clay County
09-25366 RUE-WALKER UNIT Grayson County
09-255201 MOSELEY, B. G. Young County
09-25850 NORTH DEER CREEK UNIT Clay County
09-26009 MAINES Young County
09-268239 M-K UNIT Young County
09-27565 NDCU SWD Clay County
09-27799 CHERRYHOMES Jack County
09-28095 MAINES Young County
09-29311 MULE CREEK Foard County
09-29890 GRAHAM, M. K. Young County
09-30136 SANDIFER Foard County
09-30298 MULE CREEK Foard County
09-30393 MARTIN Young County
09-30725 R-H UNIT Grayson County
09-30861 SOUTHERN GATE CADDO UNIT Young County
09-30924 SWAN Foard County
09-31064 RIETHMEYER Foard County
09-31073 SWING UNIT Foard County
09-31515 COOKSEY-COLLIER UNIT Montague County
09-32202 F.S. OVERSTREET -A- Montague County
10-07208 REEVES Wheeler County
7B-01807 BAILEY, NETTIE Fisher County
7B-02136 SPECK, OLIVE Haskell County
7B-03875 BLACK -A- Stephens County
7B-05652 HILL, HARRIETTE Jones County
7B-06140 INZER, J. Jones County
7B-06725 WALTON, W. L. Jones County
7B-06769 MATCHETT, W. C. -A- Jones County
7B-06833 WALTON, W. V. Jones County
7B-090665 FOWLER Palo Pinto County
7B-09892 MATTHEWS, JOE B. Shackelford County
7B-09910 MATTHEWS, JOE B. Shackelford County
7B-12102 BRADY, E. S. Jones County
7B-12741 BREWER Coleman County
7B-13720 HICKMAN, I.R. "B" Coleman County
7B-13935 HICKMAN, I.R. "B" Coleman County
7B-152707 MATTHEWS, JOE B. Shackelford County
7B-15538 SWENSON LAND & CATTLE CO. Jones County
7B-18379 CULBERTSON Jones County
7B-18974 GRINDSTAFF Haskell County
7B-22446 FRISBY-FRY #155 Jones County
7B-23078 ALLEN, RUBY Fisher County
7B-23126 ALLEN "A" Fisher County
7B-23854 ALLEN "A" Fisher County
7B-24454 ALLEN-MCKINNEY Fisher County
7B-24493 DAVIS Haskell County
7B-24883 FUZZ (STRAWN 5600) UNIT Stonewall County
7B-25198 TERRA-ZANT Stonewall County
7B-25804 DAVIS, J.H. Haskell County
7B-25827 MCKINNEY "C" Fisher County
7B-27038 MCKINNEY, HENRY C. Fisher County
7B-27314 DIAMOND Haskell County
7B-29911 HILL-INZER UNIT Jones County
7B-30022 RIDDLE Jones County
8A-68773 SPRINGER RANCH King County
8A-68849 SPRINGER "A" King County
8A-69069 SPRINGER BG UNIT King County
8A-69122 SPRINGER 189 King County
8A-69331 SPRINGER "A C" UNIT King County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ginnings Company