Gulf Oil Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Gulf Oil Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Gulf Oil Corp.
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P.O. BOX 2100

Leases Operated by Gulf Oil Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-002114 TRAYLOR, T. P. -B- Victoria County
02-002368 STATE KEERAN UNIT NO. 200088 Victoria County
02-002372 KEERAN, G. ET AL Victoria County
02-002373 KEERAN, G., ET AL Victoria County
03-005494 MCDANIEL, MARY M. ET AL Brazoria County
03-005495 MCDANIEL, MARY M. ET AL Brazoria County
03-006944 BAKER, CARRIE Brazoria County
03-006945 GIBSON, K. M. Brazoria County
03-03362 QUILTER, HOPE, MRS. Harris County
03-035628 BOEKER, J. Colorado County
03-036354 MOORE, J. M., ET AL Fort Bend County
03-09012 WOOD ET AL UNIT #1 Jefferson County
03-09835 COLBY, E. H., ET AL Brazoria County
03-106678 PAYNE, E. L. Brazos County
03-11771 GARRETT & WILSON UNIT II Brazos County
03-11812 FAULKNER UNIT 1 Brazos County
03-11826 TATUM UNIT V Brazos County
03-12367 CONNER UNIT 1 Brazos County
03-12378 SCHRAM UNIT II Brazos County
03-12402 ODOM, W.F. UNIT III Brazos County
03-13415 WILSON UNIT II Brazos County
03-13449 COTTON UNIT I Brazos County
03-13452 SMITH, RICHARD UNIT II Brazos County
04-046749 STATE 33099, STATE TRACT 47 Nueces County
04-048282 KIESCHNICK-CHOPELAS GU San Patricio County
04-059205 ALEXANDER GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-075324 GARZA ET AL UNIT Hidalgo County
04-075415 BRUNI MINERAL TRUST "A" Webb County
04-07703 CHOPELAS, A. T. San Patricio County
08-019534 DONOVAN, G. N. Midland County
08-019535 KING, J. M. UNIT Midland County
08-019536 KING, J. M. -A- Midland County
08-021013 FROST, J. Reeves County
08-021014 STRAIN, C. H. Reeves County
08-021074 BOZEMAN, D. W. Reeves County
08-036729 WALKER, P. ET AL Ward County
08-038817 GOLDSMITH, C. A. ET AL Ector County
08-038820 GOLDSMITH, C. A. ET AL Ector County
08-051073 WADDELL, W. N. ET AL Crane County
08-051131 LITTLE MEXICO GAS UNIT Pecos County
08-052023 FROST, J. Reeves County
08-080004 HORRY, L. ET AL Reeves County
08-080921 PRUETT, T. B., ET AL GAS UNIT Ward County
08-08104 SMITH, M. A. ETAL Pecos County
08-13730 TXL "CB" (NCT-A) Reeves County
08-13805 STATE -FW- Andrews County
08-13844 STATE -FJ- Andrews County
08-20039 EDWARDS ESTATE "B" Crane County
08-20302 MCELROY, J. T. Crane County
08-20358 WADDELL, W. N., ET AL Crane County
08-24637 O'BRIEN, G. W. ET AL Ward County
08-24830 EDWARDS, J. H. ETAL "D" Ward County
08-24840 COWDEN,JAX M.,ET AL(NCT-D) Crane County
09-028933 YATES, I. G. Jack County
09-028934 YATES, I. G. Wise County
09-028935 YATES, I. G. Jack County
09-18397 BOGGS, F. I. Grayson County
09-18421 BROWN, LUPTON Jack County
09-18537 BYRD-PICKENS Grayson County
10-022623 OSBORNE, H. ET AL Roberts County
10-022624 OSBORNE, H. ET AL -A- Roberts County
10-022636 SMITH 22 Ochiltree County
10-04184 CAMPBELL, J. W. Hemphill County
10-04202 FORGEY 93- Hemphill County
10-04261 ISAACS Hemphill County
6E-06834 LAIRD & CRIM Gregg County
6E-06840 PALMER, J. H., ETAL Rusk County
6E-06841 PERRY, W. B., ETAL
7B-07711 KINCAID, W.T. Taylor County
7B-07714 KINCAID, W. T. Taylor County
7B-07875 KINCAID, W.T. Taylor County
7C-039264 DELONG, W. E. Schleicher County
7C-040270 CHAMBERS COUNTY Crockett County
7C-04093 O'NEAL, B.J. Upton County
7C-047870 KING RANCH O & L CO. NCT-C Upton County
7C-049280 ADAMC /DEVONION/ UNIT Upton County
7C-052256 TIPPETT, J. H. -E- NCT-B Crockett County
8A-61163 JONES, E.W. ET AL Yoakum County
8A-61400 MALLETT LAND & CATTLE CO. Terry County
8A-61430 SANDERS, A. Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Gulf Oil Corp.