Gulf Oil Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Gulf Oil Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Gulf Oil Corp.
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Leases Operated by Gulf Oil Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-002840 TRAYLOR, T. P., -C- Victoria County
02-03166 BONNER, R. R. Victoria County
02-03167 TRAYLOR, T. P., -B- Calhoun County
02-03168 WILLIAMS, L. D. Calhoun County
03-006946 WILKES & SMITH -A- Brazoria County
03-007167 CARLSON, C. B. Wharton County
03-007425 MOORE, J. M., ET AL Fort Bend County
03-007426 MOORE, J. M., ET AL Fort Bend County
03-03993 MULDER UNIT, ET AL Chambers County
03-041130 BRUNDRETT, T. P. Brazoria County
03-04137 SCANLAN, LILLIAN, ETAL Fort Bend County
03-11362 SCHRAM Brazos County
03-11405 ODOM UNIT I Brazos County
03-11491 JONES I. Brazos County
03-11886 URSO UNIT I Brazos County
03-11887 JOSEY UNIT II Brazos County
03-11900 TATUM UNIT IV Brazos County
03-12555 WILSON UNIT I Brazos County
03-12590 SCHRAM UNIT IV Brazos County
03-12591 KRISTYNIK UNIT I Brazos County
03-13540 BRITTEN-BURLEY UNIT II Brazos County
03-13569 ODOM, W.F. UNIT IV Brazos County
03-13619 COTTON UNIT II Brazos County
04-062652 MARTIN,J.C. ET AL Zapata County
04-063537 MARTIN, S. J. Webb County
04-063634 LUTTES GAS UNIT NO.2 Cameron County
04-077129 MARTIN, S.J. "A" Webb County
04-077275 BRUNI MINERAL TRUST -A- Webb County
04-079139 TEXAS STATE LEASE 71922 Webb County
08-019539 KING, J. M. -B- UNIT Midland County
08-019540 MCCLINTIC, C. A. ET AL Midland County
08-019541 MCCLINTIC, C. A. ET AL Midland County
08-021077 CLEVELAND, R., ET AL Reeves County
08-021087 STATE SCHOOL BOARD -ZZ- Reeves County
08-021089 WORSHAM, J. A., ET AL Reeves County
08-039997 BELL-HORD GAS UNIT Reeves County
08-040104 WADDELL, W. N., ETAL Crane County
08-040791 STATE -DX- Andrews County
08-052376 WRISTEN BROTHERS Ward County
08-052734 FROST, J. Reeves County
08-052846 PRICE, RUTH ET AL -L- Pecos County
08-081226 CADENHEAD, J. W. Ward County
08-081227 TUBB, J. B. "A" Crane County
08-081788 HORRY, L. ET AL Reeves County
08-14449 STATE "AR" Andrews County
08-14631 MILLER, JANE DEAN, ETAL Ward County
08-14695 CONNELL, W. E. -A- Ector County
08-20541 EDWARDS ESTATE -STATE Crane County
08-20560 STATE -BN- Andrews County
08-20566 MILLER, JANE DEAN, ET AL Ward County
08-24970 BOARD, STATE SCHOOL, "MX" Pecos County
08-24990 MCDANIEL, LOIS Ward County
08-25141 PRUETT, T.B., ET AL Ward County
09-031456 WORTHINGTON, ADA Jack County
09-031464 WORTHINGTON, ADONIS Jack County
09-03609 CAP YATES Jack County
09-19974 HALLIBURTON, JIM Grayson County
09-20163 STOUT, H. Grayson County
09-20176 WORTHINGTON, RUDOLPH Jack County
10-024629 WORLEY, P. A., ET AL A Gray County
10-02467 MEYER, DICK Lipscomb County
10-02573 CHAMBERS, GWENFRED -B- Roberts County
10-04328 FORGEY 94 Hemphill County
10-04364 FORGEY 93 Hemphill County
10-04387 ISAACS-SIMPSON Hemphill County
6E-06852 THRASH, E.E.
6E-06855 WATSON, J.R.
6E-08631 HILBURN Gregg County
7B-08346 WALKER-BUCKLER TRUST /TR. 21/ Shackelford County
7B-08751 WALKER-BUCKLER TRUST/TR. 151 Shackelford County
7B-09017 WALKER-BUCKLER TRUST /TR-49/ Shackelford County
7C-04227 HANCOCK, J. W. ET AL Upton County
7C-04288 MCELROY RANCH CO. -M- Upton County
7C-043836 ADAMC /DEVONION/ UNIT Upton County
7C-05472 TIPPETT, J. H., -E- /NCT-B/ Crockett County
7C-05631 TIPPETT, J. H., E NCT-C Crockett County
7C-05770 TIPPETT, J. H., -E- Crockett County
8A-61606 COONS, H. R. Terry County
8A-61711 MALLET LAND & CATTLE CO. Yoakum County
8A-61974 HAYMES, J. O.

Drilling Permits Filed by Gulf Oil Corp.