Gunn Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Gunn Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Gunn Oil Company
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Company Name:

P O BOX 97508


Leases Operated by Gunn Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-13546 LANE CHAPEL (PALUXY A) UNIT Smith County
08-44317 WILLINGHAM 69 Fisher County
08-44797 MARTIN QR Fisher County
08-48781 RPQR Fisher County
08-54711 ANNETTE QR Fisher County
09-26519 BURNETT-TRIANGLE Foard County
09-27008 WINDFOHR, A. B. Foard County
09-32232 WILSON SPR Archer County
10-07879 L S RANCH Oldham County
10-08150 BIVINS-LIT AC Oldham County
7B-25485 BISSETT, NE (STRAWN LIME) King County
7B-31000 MANN Fisher County
7B-31148 MARTIN QR Fisher County
7B-31335 NOWLIN GC Fisher County
7B-31377 GRUNDEN GC Fisher County
7B-31471 MCCALL GC Fisher County
7B-31639 ANNETTE QR Fisher County
7B-31846 GORDON NC Fisher County
7B-31902 RPQR Fisher County
7B-32050 ETHEREDGE Fisher County
7B-32079 COCHRAN Fisher County
7B-32252 R&G FARMS Fisher County
7B-32256 QUAIL RANCH UNIT Fisher County
7B-32386 MARTIN PHILLIPS Fisher County
7B-32501 ELM FORK #2 UNIT Fisher County
7B-32514 ELM FORK UNIT Fisher County
8A-138350 MAJORS UNIT Cottle County
8A-138712 BROTHERS "A" Cottle County
8A-162597 BROTHERS Cottle County
8A-213975 BROTHERS Cottle County
8A-213978 BROTHERS "A" Cottle County
8A-226569 BROTHERS Cottle County
8A-234715 BROTHERS "A" Cottle County
8A-236276 RUSSELL Cottle County
8A-240628 BROTHERS "A" Cottle County
8A-240629 RUSSELL Cottle County
8A-240654 MAJORS A UNIT Cottle County
8A-246635 MAJORS A Cottle County
8A-248429 RUSSELL Cottle County
8A-262849 BROTHERS A Cottle County
8A-265447 KOEGLER Cottle County
8A-272609 BROTHERS A Cottle County
8A-274221 RUSSELL Cottle County
8A-275775 MAJORS A UNIT Cottle County
8A-276658 RUSSELL Cottle County
8A-280976 RUSSELL Cottle County
8A-281215 RUSSELL Cottle County
8A-60444 BURNETT, S. B. King County
8A-66135 BURNETT-TRIANGLE Cottle County
8A-66138 SWENSON Cottle County
8A-67293 HAGINS Dickens County
8A-67688 BLE-GODFREY Kent County
8A-67825 BLE - MCARTHUR Kent County
8A-67915 BLE-IRWIN Kent County
8A-68348 BELL UNIT Dickens County
8A-68357 BELL "A" Dickens County
8A-68494 BELL "A" Dickens County
8A-68660 COSTANZO Dickens County
8A-68708 FLOURNOY UNIT Dickens County
8A-68804 PITCHFORK NB King County
8A-69096 CONNER Dickens County
8A-69116 LAKE UNIT Dickens County
8A-69150 SWENSON SL Dickens County
8A-69246 PARSONS SD Dickens County
8A-69497 PARSONS A Dickens County
8A-69537 TRIANGLE MC Cottle County
8A-70350 WESTBROOK N Cottle County
8A-70413 WICHITA RIVER BC Cottle County
8A-70455 WESTBROOK UNIT N Cottle County
8A-70478 CHURCH Cottle County
8A-70496 RICHARDS Cottle County
8A-70531 RICHARDS UNIT Cottle County
8A-70965 J HENDERSON King County
8A-71161 T & P RICHARDS Cottle County
8A-71177 METHODIST UNIT Cottle County
8A-71203 SUSANNA UNIT Cottle County
8A-71227 SUSANNA Cottle County
8A-71243 WESLEY UNIT Cottle County
8A-71244 WQ Cottle County
8A-71271 CBA Cottle County

Drilling Permits Filed by Gunn Oil Company