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Leases Operated by H-M Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-08500 CALVERT, JAMES H. ET AL Frio County
02-01797 WOLTERS, M. E. Karnes County
02-031507 HOUGHTON, J. F. Refugio County
02-043581 HANCOCK, J. B. Jackson County
02-06415 SHELTON, NANCY Victoria County
02-06432 HOUGHTON, J.F. Refugio County
02-06550 MACSMITH, KARON Karnes County
02-068178 HANCOCK, J. B. ET AL Victoria County
02-069085 MACHOST, WILLIE UNIT DeWitt County
02-071790 HOUGHTON, J. F. Refugio County
02-073547 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-073548 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-073646 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-073647 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-073648 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-07404 HOUGHTON, J. F. Refugio County
02-074469 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-074470 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-076166 HAUN, HERBERT DeWitt County
02-076167 HAUN, HERBERT DeWitt County
02-076937 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-076938 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-077061 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-077501 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
02-080789 LUER Victoria County
02-083169 LUER Victoria County
02-093989 BRAMAN, D. H. JR. "G" Victoria County
02-095029 DORRIS, MALONE M. Bee County
02-095156 SHELTON, NANCY FLEMING Victoria County
02-095444 MCELROY Lavaca County
02-097352 FLEMING, NANCY SHELTON Victoria County
02-097664 MCELROY, HENRY CLAY Lavaca County
02-101280 SKALICKY, RUDOLPH J. Jackson County
02-122329 MAURITZ, HARRY ESTATE Jackson County
02-126754 HOUGHTON, J.F. Refugio County
03-02603 KUHLMAN, MARY Harris County
03-062376 NORTHINGTON, W.A. Wharton County
03-071203 HEYNE, T. P. Wharton County
03-072121 OTRADOVSKY Wharton County
03-079533 HOLUB Wharton County
03-079534 HOLUB Wharton County
03-080069 HEYNE Wharton County
03-081072 HEYNE, T.P. Wharton County
03-084961 MAUCH, HERMAN Wharton County
03-086939 ELLIS, LOU ELLIS ET AL Wharton County
03-087853 ELLIS, LOU ALICE ET AL Wharton County
03-089562 REDWINE, ELMER P. ESTATE ETAL Wharton County
03-091459 REDWINE, ELMER P ESTATE, ET AL Wharton County
03-094832 ELLIS, LOU ALICE Wharton County
03-095116 FROMAN, FLORENCE Wharton County
03-096906 APPLING, F.E. Wharton County
03-097227 BACAK, AUGUST Wharton County
03-097245 MACH, JOSEPH F. JR. Wharton County
03-15085 HERMAN MAUCH Wharton County
03-15805 MAUCH, HERMAN Wharton County
03-16262 KOUNTZE & COUCH Wharton County
03-16382 FLORENCE FROMAN Wharton County
03-16634 BIRNBAUM GAS UNIT Lee County
03-16635 PROSKE GAS UNIT Lee County
03-16919 MACH, JOSEPH F. JR. Wharton County
03-18166 APPLING, F.E. Wharton County
04-066375 LANE, MILDRED San Patricio County
04-074626 S.A.S.A. San Patricio County
04-091684 GARCIA, AVELINO E. Duval County
04-092634 GARCIA, PEDRO Duval County
04-095172 GARCIA, AVELINO F. Duval County
04-096002 ROGERS, HERMINA G. Duval County
04-09870 DINN, ELVA L. Duval County
04-10465 FRANCO CARTER UNIT San Patricio County
04-10640 HEDTKE, ROYCE San Patricio County
04-107938 KAISER, OLGA Duval County
04-10993 PEREZ, ARMANDO Duval County
04-110971 HEDTKE, ROYCE San Patricio County
04-114511 PEREZ Duval County
09-12457 REDWINE, ELMER P. ESTATE ET AL Wharton County
7B-22169 WILSON, H. "H" Stephens County
7B-22309 WILSON, H. "H" Stephens County
7B-22825 WILSON "G" Stephens County
7B-25872 WILSON, H. "E" Stephens County
7B-25880 WILSON, H. "A" Stephens County

Drilling Permits Filed by H-M Oil Company