Halcon Operating Co., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Halcon Operating Co., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Halcon Operating Co., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Halcon Operating Co., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-04114 STASNY-HONZA Brazos County
05-04145 STIFFLEMIRE Burleson County
05-04163 LUCY Burleson County
05-04164 HULLABALOO Brazos County
05-04178 GOANNA Brazos County
05-04186 ALACRAN Brazos County
05-04200 COCODRILO Brazos County
05-04206 WOMBAT Brazos County
05-04216 GLOVER Burleson County
05-04243 VICUNA Burleson County
05-04248 PIWONKA Burleson County
05-04284 PALOMA Brazos County
05-04286 THORNY DEVIL Brazos County
08-288250 MONROE 34-232 Ward County
08-288251 MONROE 34-228 WRD UNIT Ward County
08-289121 STICKLINE Ward County
08-289170 DEVILS CASTLE Ward County
08-289428 APRES VOUS Ward County
08-289429 HORNSILVER Ward County
08-289430 INTUITION Ward County
08-289431 TRESTLE Ward County
08-289432 PRONTO Ward County
08-289433 SPELLBOUND Ward County
08-289434 PRIMA Ward County
08-289435 BALBO WEST UNIT Pecos County
08-290521 BERKLEY STATE EAST UNIT Pecos County
08-292409 JOSE-KATIE EAST Pecos County
08-292519 JOSE-KATIE EAST Pecos County
08-292520 FAYE-FAYE WEST Pecos County
08-292534 BOBBY WEST Pecos County
08-292535 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292588 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292589 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292592 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292593 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292596 TABOR Ward County
08-292599 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292602 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292603 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292610 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292658 TRINITY A Ward County
08-292661 BAILEY Reeves County
08-292662 BAILEY Reeves County
08-292663 TRINITY B Ward County
08-292667 FAYE-FAYE WEST A Pecos County
08-292673 TABOR A Ward County
08-292732 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292744 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292768 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-292805 BERKLEY STATE EAST UNIT Pecos County
08-40663 BLACKTIP 1-21 WRD UNIT 1 Ward County
08-42155 MONROE 1-6 WRD Ward County
08-42427 MONROE WEST 1-6 WRD Ward County
08-44581 LINDSEY Pecos County
08-47307 GENEVA EAST UNIT Pecos County
08-47666 BALBO SOUTHEAST UNIT Pecos County
08-47669 BERKLEY STATE WEST UNIT Pecos County
08-48073 DONNA STATE WEST UNIT Pecos County
08-48074 DONNA STATE EAST UNIT Pecos County
08-49918 ETHEL-JESPER EAST Pecos County
08-50043 HANNAH-JOHNNY Pecos County
08-50077 MONROE WEST 1-17 WRD Ward County
08-50078 CROCKETT 1-26 WRD Ward County
08-50079 MONROE 1-10 Ward County
08-50084 MONROE 1-17 WRD Ward County
08-50245 SEALY RANCH Ward County
08-50744 BELLE ALEXANDRA Pecos County
08-51239 ETHEL-JESPER WEST Pecos County
08-51240 JOHNNY-HANNAH Pecos County
08-51376 MAXWELL-NATALIE WEST Pecos County
08-52426 TELLURIDE Ward County
08-52503 TRINITY Ward County
08-53281 SEALY WINK Ward County
08-53320 SEALY WINK A Ward County
08-53456 HUNTER Ward County
08-53799 TELLURIDE B Ward County
08-53801 TELLURIDE A Ward County
08-55300 HUNTER A Ward County
09-09536 S. M. A. UNIT -B- Wichita County
09-31578 WAGGONER, W. T. -A- NCT-3 Wichita County

Drilling Permits Filed by Halcon Operating Co., Inc.