Hardrock Operating Company, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Hardrock Operating Company, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Hardrock Operating Company, Inc.
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PO BOX 161638

Leases Operated by Hardrock Operating Company, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-068034 LEATHERWOOD, ROSE MARY Jack County
09-07122 CHOATE Young County
09-07218 MATTHEWS, MATTIE Young County
09-07301 KEITH, E. C. Young County
09-07878 HOLCOMB -A- Young County
09-07879 HOLCOMB -C- Young County
09-08963 CARTER, ADDIE Archer County
09-11948 MCCLATCHY, DEWITT Young County
09-15263 CASEY, A. C. Young County
09-17484 KING, B. W. Young County
09-18884 HAUSLER, A. Archer County
09-19775 COWAN-MCKINNEY -70- Archer County
09-20023 COWAN-MCKINNEY -201- Archer County
09-20718 MCCLATCHY, DEWITT Young County
09-20823 MILLIS Young County
09-20893 BENSON SMJ B Young County
09-23382 VIOLA Young County
09-236986 GREENE-HARWELL Parker County
09-236994 GOEN-HOLMAN Parker County
09-24064 ALLIE WADE Young County
09-24556 CHOAT "WEST" Young County
09-25312 HOLCOMB "D" Young County
09-25553 LARIMORE Young County
09-25757 COWAN MCKINNEY "30" Archer County
09-25917 MCKINNEY, COWAN 50 Archer County
09-26174 MCKINNEY, COWAN GMM PROJECT #1 Archer County
09-26254 SOUTH WADE Young County
09-26595 ABERCROMBIE "H" Archer County
09-30055 BLAKE Young County
09-30993 LOWE Young County
7B-078866 JOHNSON Palo Pinto County
7B-13555 ZIMMERMAN Eastland County
7B-18555 ZIMMERMAN Eastland County

Drilling Permits Filed by Hardrock Operating Company, Inc.