Harvest Petroleum Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Harvest Petroleum Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Harvest Petroleum Inc.
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2770 MAIN ST SUITE 270
FRISCO, TX 75033


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Leases Operated by Harvest Petroleum Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-281828 D. MORTON Lavaca County
02-285303 CHARLES W. SCHILHAB, ET AL Lavaca County
02-285347 CHARLES W. SCHILHAB, ET AL Lavaca County
03-144365 HARTBURG Newton County
03-173103 KAINER, LUCIAN UNIT Wharton County
03-192221 HARTBURG 4 Newton County
03-20939 HARTBURG Newton County
03-22414 ARCO-HAMPTON 30 Hardin County
03-23028 HARTBURG Newton County
03-23537 SIERCOVICH, ET AL UNIT Galveston County
06-02138 WHELAN Marion County
06-03372 VICKIE LYNNE UNIT Marion County
06-15472 DACUS Cherokee County
08-23472 GULF-UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-23473 UNIVERSITY "11" Andrews County
08-29681 TEXAS UNIVERSITY -G- Andrews County
08-31224 CHI MOBIL Andrews County
08-31452 SHELL Andrews County
08-33240 CHEVRON-UNIVERSITY "10" Andrews County
08-33352 ARCO-UNIVERSITY "2" Andrews County
08-33438 LOGSDON Andrews County
08-33507 CHEVRON-UNIVERSITY 11 Andrews County
08-33620 ARCO-UNIVERSITY "213" Andrews County
08-33781 LONGHORN -213- Andrews County
08-34053 UNIVERSITY D Andrews County
08-34073 SIMMONS, HARDIN Andrews County
08-34083 CHEVRON - BEVO -11- Andrews County
08-34448 TEXACO UNIVERSITY "10" Andrews County
08-34720 AMOCO UNIVERSITY "3" Andrews County
08-35079 MARATHON UNIVERSITY -4- Andrews County
08-35226 RAIDER "213" Andrews County
08-35432 MOBIL UNIVERSITY "4" Andrews County
08-35457 TEXRON "10" Andrews County
08-35571 MARATHON UNIVERSITY "5" Andrews County
08-36017 PHILLIPS UNIVERSITY "4" #1 Andrews County
08-36141 TEXRON "102" Andrews County
08-36747 ARCO UNIVERSITY "2A" Andrews County
08-37790 LOGSDON A Andrews County
08-38334 LOGSDON A Andrews County
08-38458 BLACKDOG Andrews County
08-38782 BLUE QUAIL UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-51874 SINCLAIR-UNIVERSITY Andrews County
09-29374 PIPKIN #2 Montague County
09-29554 CROWN-WEIR Jack County
7B-00194 HAMP BYLER Brown County
7B-01206 WATSON, O. H. Coleman County
7B-09830 NECIE BYLER 44 Brown County
7B-100622 WATSON, O. H. Coleman County
7B-10418 STANBERRY, S. R. Coleman County
7B-105058 WATSON, O.H. Coleman County
7B-17695 BOWERS, D.L. "A" Brown County
7B-22440 BOWERS, DALTON L. Brown County
7B-25157 BYLER, H. Brown County
7B-29734 S.R.STANBERRY-1 Coleman County
7B-31344 HAMLIN UNIT Fisher County
7B-31583 BOWERS, D L "C" Brown County
7B-31661 HOLMAN Fisher County
7B-31848 HOLMAN 'A' Fisher County
7B-32292 CADE Jones County
7C-13434 PFLUGER Concho County
7C-16028 SULTEMEIER UNIT Menard County
7C-16274 MAGGIE Menard County
7C-16385 MAGGIE Menard County
7C-16537 MAGGIE Menard County
7C-16563 MAGGIE Menard County
7C-16977 RUSSELL Menard County
7C-16986 RUSSELL Menard County
7C-17241 RUSSELL Menard County
7C-17559 ESPY "A" Menard County
7C-17573 ESPY "A" Menard County
7C-17582 RUNGE "B" Menard County
7C-17951 ESPY-RUSSELL UNIT Menard County
7C-18026 ESPY-RUSSELL 'A' UNIT Menard County
7C-18066 TISDALE Schleicher County
7C-18719 TISDALE Schleicher County
7C-19957 STINKY GOAT Concho County
7C-21034 LUCKY-PFLUGER UNIT Concho County
7C-262737 RUSSELL "C" Menard County
7C-267969 RUSSELL 'C' Menard County
8A-63782 TREADAWAY "A" Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Harvest Petroleum Inc.