Heci Exploration Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Heci Exploration Company
Map of Wells Operated by Heci Exploration Company
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P.O. BOX 686

Leases Operated by Heci Exploration Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-06670 DOPSLAUF, FAYE A. Gonzales County
01-06983 BEHRING, LENA UNIT Gonzales County
01-07662 NEFERTITI UNIT Gonzales County
01-07901 PORTIA Gonzales County
01-07903 JENILYN Gonzales County
01-08012 SHELTON, BERTIE CAMP UNIT Gonzales County
01-09485 ARTEMIS Gonzales County
01-10173 RACHEL Gonzales County
03-085784 SHEILA UNIT Lee County
03-097058 AMELIA UNIT Fayette County
03-097225 MUELLER, BERNICE UNIT Washington County
03-097270 MARY JANE Fayette County
03-097740 LANELLE K. UNIT Fayette County
03-098251 ADELE UNIT Washington County
03-103621 BARBARA B. UNIT Fayette County
03-113388 ANDREW JACOB UNIT Fayette County
03-113723 SHELIA Lee County
03-114953 CLAIRE UNIT Fayette County
03-115065 VIOLET UNIT Fayette County
03-116758 NELSON E. KRAUSE Fayette County
03-117108 ELVERA UNIT Washington County
03-11827 ISELT UNIT Lee County
03-11848 HOLLOWAY, PAT Lee County
03-118952 ZWERNEMANN UNIT Fayette County
03-12044 CHICKEN RANCH Fayette County
03-12093 HORTY UNIT Lee County
03-12174 MICHALK, EDGAR E. Lee County
03-12303 YVETTE Lee County
03-12309 APHRODITE I Lee County
03-12363 VESTA Lee County
03-13045 MEDORA Fayette County
03-13479 KARISCH, HULDA UNIT Fayette County
03-13676 COLLIER, MARY Fayette County
03-13957 WILLIE MAE DRISDALE UNIT Fayette County
03-14026 BONNIE BOND UNIT Fayette County
03-14201 HESTIA UNIT Washington County
03-14306 STORM UNIT Lee County
03-14504 APHRODITE UNIT Lee County
03-14793 LINDA ANN UNIT Fayette County
03-14956 MAY, MILDRED Fayette County
03-14957 GANTT, CARRIE UNIT Lee County
03-14958 JOSEPHINE BELL UNIT Fayette County
03-15014 PERSEPHONE Lee County
03-15088 LETHA EHLER UNIT Fayette County
03-15118 DOROTHY TAYLOR Lee County
03-15145 JESSIE MAE Lee County
03-15226 BRANDY Fayette County
03-15332 PHOEBE UNIT Lee County
03-15351 FRANK M. TYE, JR. UNIT Lee County
03-15610 CELESTE UNIT Lee County
03-15792 DOROTHY DAWN Fayette County
03-16053 BELLE OEDING Fayette County
03-16129 AUBREY RAE UNIT Fayette County
03-16524 PAULUS, ALICE Fayette County
03-16727 MOSS Fayette County
03-16872 JEAN UNIT Lee County
03-17032 BESS HART Fayette County
03-17035 MIRANDA Fayette County
03-17047 SELMA HOPPE Lee County
03-17347 MARY LOUISE Fayette County
03-17368 CASSANDRA Lee County
03-17412 RICHARDS UNIT Fayette County
03-17632 PIETSCH-SCHULZ UNIT Fayette County
03-18114 LYDIA -K- Fayette County
03-18118 BERTIE UNIT Fayette County
03-18182 MAE PEARL UNIT Fayette County
03-18193 OSCAR UNIT Fayette County
03-18216 CAROLYN UNIT Fayette County
03-18257 SHARON Fayette County
03-18258 WANDA UNIT Fayette County
03-18259 JOYCE DAVIS Fayette County
03-18439 KISMET UNIT Fayette County
03-18455 OCTAVIA UNIT Washington County
03-18476 ASHTON UNIT Fayette County
03-18534 ADELE UNIT Washington County
03-18634 BERTIE UNIT Fayette County
03-18726 CLAIRE UNIT Fayette County
03-18733 NANA UNIT Fayette County
03-18779 MUELLER, BERNICE UNIT Washington County
03-20654 VON ROSENBERG Fayette County

Drilling Permits Filed by Heci Exploration Company