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Leases Operated by Henry Resources LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-38675 CASSELMAN4 Midland County
08-38807 CASSELMAN8 Midland County
08-38816 CASSELMAN 16 Midland County
08-38873 CASSELMAN40 Midland County
08-38899 BOHANNON38 Midland County
08-38905 CASSELMAN10 Midland County
08-39040 NOBLES Midland County
08-39071 ALDRIDGE Midland County
08-39108 BOHANNON24 Andrews County
08-39506 KIMBERLY Martin County
08-42491 UNIVSHERRY Crane County
08-42823 UNIVLINDSAY Crane County
08-44965 GWENDOLYN Midland County
08-45874 DENISE Midland County
08-49674 REBECCA SL Midland County
08-49740 KYLA Midland County
08-51065 WAR EAGLE A UNIT Reeves County
08-51841 JOHN J BUSH 218-219 UNIT A Reeves County
08-52106 SUNNY D STATE UNIT Reeves County
08-52256 MERCEDES BENTZ Reeves County
08-52440 KYLA C Midland County
08-52562 WAR EAGLE B UNIT Reeves County
08-53323 JOHN J BUSH 218-219 UNIT B Reeves County
08-53519 BEACON SF-15470 LOV UNIT Loving County
08-53571 MEDORA 29 LOV UNIT 0805 C Loving County
08-53708 KYLA E Midland County
08-53929 KYLA D Midland County
08-54496 KYLA H Midland County
08-54497 KYLA I Midland County
08-56805 KYLA G Midland County
08-59350 NOEL 313-312-311 C Reeves County
08-59382 NOEL 313-312-311 E Reeves County
08-59390 NOEL 313-312-311 F Reeves County
08-59453 NOEL 313-312-311 D Reeves County
08-59632 NOEL 313-312-311 B Reeves County
08-59722 KYLA J Midland County
7C-17295 MELINDA Upton County
7C-17807 UNIVKEISHA Crockett County
7C-18462 WOOLEY 5 Upton County
7C-20523 SIERRA A Upton County
7C-20842 JOSHUA 32-51 A Upton County
7C-20844 JOSHUA 32-51 C Upton County
7C-21226 PEARL 11-30 A Upton County
7C-21234 PEARL 11-30 B Upton County
7C-21235 PEARL 11-30 C Upton County
7C-21331 WYNN UNIT 03-53 Upton County
7C-21425 MEREDITH 33-52-11 Upton County
7C-21439 ALLISON 7-1280 Upton County
7C-21459 AVERY 35-11 Upton County
7C-21494 PEARL 11-30 F Upton County
7C-21496 PEARL 11-30 H Upton County
7C-21507 SADIE 07-08 Upton County
7C-21525 PEARL 11-30 I Upton County
7C-21528 PEARL 11-30 J Upton County
7C-21541 PEARL 11-30 D Upton County
7C-21578 LISA UNIT 19-20 Upton County
7C-21595 JOSHUA 32-51 E Upton County
7C-21596 JOSHUA 32-51 G Upton County
7C-21598 JOSHUA 32-51 K Upton County
7C-21611 JOSHUA 32-51 F Upton County
7C-21612 JOSHUA 32-51 J Upton County
7C-21647 EMMA 35-22-21 D Upton County
7C-21667 JOSHUA 32-51 H Upton County
7C-21673 JOSHUA 32-51 I Upton County
7C-21702 SADIE 07-08 B Upton County
7C-21703 SADIE 07-08 D Upton County
7C-21713 SADIE 07-08 C Upton County
7C-21724 MEREDITH 33-52-11 B Upton County
7C-21736 FANTASY Upton County
7C-21737 SADIE 07-08 E Upton County
7C-21743 MEREDITH 33-52-11 D Upton County
7C-21759 MEREDITH 33-52-11 C Upton County
7C-21760 MEREDITH 33-52-11 A Upton County
7C-21769 HOLLIS 10-33-52 E Upton County
7C-21821 HOLLIS 10-33-52 D Upton County
7C-21832 HOLLIS 10-33-52 B Upton County
7C-21838 HOLLIS 10-33-52 A Upton County
7C-21864 HOLLIS 10-33-52 C Upton County
7C-22124 EMMA 35-22-21 F Upton County
7C-22125 EMMA 35-22-21 G Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Henry Resources LLC