Hill Production Co.-Wisconsin Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Hill Production Co.-Wisconsin
Map of Wells Operated by Hill Production Co.-Wisconsin
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P O BOX 142532
AUSTIN, TX 78714

Leases Operated by Hill Production Co.-Wisconsin

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-057001 DANIEL, ROBERTA Lavaca County
02-057881 DANIEL, ROBERT T., JR. Lavaca County
02-058910 MCAFEE, DORTHY ANN DANIEL Lavaca County
02-058911 BORCHERS, WILLIAM -D- Lavaca County
02-063282 BAILEY, E. M. Lavaca County
03-087611 FROST, EOLA G. Montgomery County
03-105195 HILL Montgomery County
03-111662 BARRIE DEAN ROSIER Montgomery County
03-112467 BERTRAND, JAY Montgomery County
03-113041 BERTRAND,JAY Montgomery County
03-114015 FROST, EOLA G. Montgomery County
03-114869 KING, R.V. Montgomery County
03-116188 BERTRAND, JAY Montgomery County
03-127431 HILL, J. Montgomery County
03-129908 KING, R. V. Montgomery County
03-138401 GRIFFEE, L. Wharton County
03-15971 OLGA LUEDKE Burleson County
03-16325 PETERS, M.D. Brazos County
03-16326 BEARD-WICKES Brazos County
03-16567 MCDONALD Brazos County
03-16673 MOORE, MORRIS Brazos County
03-16810 WICKSON CREEK UNIT Brazos County
03-16864 TALISMAN "A" Brazos County
03-16917 TALISMAN Brazos County
03-17204 KING, R.V. Montgomery County
03-17236 MCATEER, -S- Brazos County
03-17237 BARNES, R.W. Brazos County
03-17321 WICKSON WARRIOR Brazos County
03-17389 WICKSON WARRIOR "A" Brazos County
03-18099 FROST, EOLA Montgomery County
03-18127 KING, R. V. Montgomery County
03-19835 BLAKE, T.W. Montgomery County
03-20409 KATHLEEN Fayette County
03-20475 GRIFFEE Wharton County
03-20544 HILL Montgomery County
05-02457 MORMAN, H. C. Henderson County
06-015951 WILLIAMS, GLEN Rusk County
06-081504 STRONG GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-082411 SILER, BOYD GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-084702 PILLION, LUCY UNIT Rusk County
06-086630 TALIAFERRO, Z.K. GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-088051 DAVIS, WILLIS Rusk County
06-089646 MCJIMSEY, J.D. UNIT Panola County
06-100270 HILLIN, J. C. ESTATE Rusk County
06-10233 DAVIS, WILLIS, EST. Rusk County
06-10236 HANN, WARREN ALLEN, UNIT Rusk County
06-102624 IRWIN, BEN Nacogdoches County
06-10383 LONG, M. P. Franklin County
06-10686 COLEMAN HEIRS Rusk County
06-10893 KINNEY LINDSTROM Rusk County
06-10964 MCDUFFIE, HERMAN R. Nacogdoches County
06-138375 WILLIAMS, GLEN Rusk County

Drilling Permits Filed by Hill Production Co.-Wisconsin