Hinton Production Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Hinton Production Company
Map of Wells Operated by Hinton Production Company
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Leases Operated by Hinton Production Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04702 SHINER RANCH -A- Frio County
01-04721 SHINER RANCH -B- Frio County
01-04820 BENNETT-MORALES UNIT Frio County
01-04872 MORALES, PEDRO Frio County
03-085877 ANICO Polk County
03-090403 ANICO UNIT Polk County
03-090567 CARTER BROS Polk County
03-103653 ANICO Polk County
03-104841 DORRANCE Polk County
03-107320 DORRANCE Polk County
03-11494 GRANBURY, C. B. ET AL Polk County
03-131181 DORRANCE Polk County
05-02314 BASS, J. W. Van Zandt County
05-02367 LOHR, BOB Van Zandt County
05-02420 BASS, J.W. ETUX Van Zandt County
05-02427 FANCHER Van Zandt County
05-02660 G. L. T. Van Zandt County
05-03142 STANGER Van Zandt County
05-03290 LOHR, BOB Van Zandt County
05-051165 DAVIS, BERT Hopkins County
05-092514 HUCKABAY, H. P. Van Zandt County
05-101209 CHANDLER Van Zandt County
05-103628 JOHNSON Van Zandt County
05-104255 BASS, J. W. ET UX Van Zandt County
05-105148 MAYNARD Freestone County
05-106294 MILLS Freestone County
05-121925 MAYNARD Freestone County
05-130547 LOHR, BOB Van Zandt County
05-138819 HANSON Freestone County
06-01606 DAVIS, PAT "H" Franklin County
06-01607 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Titus County
06-01609 PAGE, J. P. Titus County
06-01635 HARPER, R. H. & L. Franklin County
06-01708 CARR, C. M. Titus County
06-01736 HEDRICK, J. Franklin County
06-01737 PRINCE & NORMAN Franklin County
06-01741 CRAWFORD, A. M. -A- Franklin County
06-03886 CARR, C. M. Titus County
06-04468 DAVIS, N. B. ESTATE Titus County
06-05330 CECIL, MARY Titus County
06-05516 VAUGHT, M. M., HEIRS Titus County
06-05572 WILLIAMS, SAM ET. AL. Titus County
06-05748 JACKSON,W.H. Franklin County
06-068997 KANGERGA UNIT #1 Rusk County
06-072974 BOOKOUT, ANITA Harrison County
06-073117 PRIOR UNIT Rusk County
06-075022 HOWARD HEIRS Harrison County
06-078206 SANDERS Rusk County
06-078207 KANGERGA Rusk County
06-079662 M.N.B. Harrison County
06-080169 KANGERGA Rusk County
06-081385 HAYTER ESTATE Rusk County
06-086769 TEMPLE Rusk County
06-093164 TEMPLE Rusk County
06-094017 TEMPLE GAS UNIT #1 Rusk County
06-10553 TEMPLE Rusk County
06-105728 WHITEHEAD Rusk County
06-106958 TUFCO "A" Rusk County
06-107324 WATTS-JOHNSON Rusk County
06-107327 LANGFORD GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-108172 JACKSON, K. L. Nacogdoches County
06-108300 KANGERGA, M. Rusk County
06-11018 CATES, DAN Rusk County
06-112701 SANDERS UNIT 1 Rusk County
06-112704 LUMPKIN UNIT #1 Rusk County
06-115718 LUMPKIN UNIT #1 Rusk County
06-11633 LUMPKIN Rusk County
06-11766 FORD, W.A. Titus County
06-11806 SANDERS Rusk County
06-121444 LUMPKIN GAS UNIT #1 Rusk County
06-12236 CATES, DAN #1 Rusk County
06-12329 WALDRIP Red River County
06-123465 GARRISON Nacogdoches County
06-125211 PRUITT Rusk County
06-126190 JACKSON, M. Rusk County
06-12631 WATTS JOHNSON Rusk County
06-126786 GARRISON Nacogdoches County
06-135625 CARLTON Rusk County
06-136082 WHITEMAN ET AL Cherokee County
06-147742 TUFCO A Rusk County

Drilling Permits Filed by Hinton Production Company