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Wells Operated By Home Petroleum Corp.
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Leases Operated by Home Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04137 EAST ELROY UNIT Travis County
01-082143 MARTIN, ALONZO McMullen County
01-08822 BURKHARDT, KATIE Atascosa County
01-09036 LUNA, MONICO Frio County
02-208259 HENDERSON ET AL GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-212164 HENDERSON ET AL GAS UNIT Lavaca County
03-005216 WALLACE, A. M. Wharton County
03-005225 LEVERIDGE, A. T. Wharton County
03-01878 HANKAMER, BERNICE OIL UNIT Chambers County
03-01879 HANKAMER, I J ET AL Chambers County
03-01880 HANKAMER, I. J., ETAL -A- Chambers County
03-01882 HANKAMER,I. J., ETAL OIL UNIT #1 Chambers County
03-01883 PENICK, RICHARD, ETAL UNIT Chambers County
03-046584 HILLBOLDT, D. C. Austin County
03-072124 LEVERIDGE, W. C. AAIF, M. D. Wharton County
03-073111 HILLBOLDT Austin County
03-07919 COCKE, W. H. Chambers County
03-09018 KOCH, T. F., NCT-1 Jefferson County
03-116421 KIRBY STEPHENSON Hardin County
03-136068 LEVERIDGE, A. T. Wharton County
03-137440 FENNER Wharton County
03-138436 FENNER, K. Wharton County
03-138437 LEVERIDGE, W.C. ET UX Wharton County
03-140106 FENNER-MORTON Wharton County
03-146881 LEVERIDGE, W. C. ET UX -B- Wharton County
03-151523 DORRIS, M. LEVERIDGE UNIT 1 Wharton County
03-157767 FENNER Wharton County
03-162017 NORTHINGTON Wharton County
03-170803 HANCOCK Wharton County
03-172310 LEVERIDGE, W. C. ET UX 'A' Wharton County
03-177195 LEVERIDGE, W. C. ET UX 'C' Wharton County
03-18137 FAZZINO, MIKE UNIT 1 Brazos County
03-18395 FAZZINO, MIKE UNIT 2 Brazos County
03-18606 COURT, V. Brazos County
03-20806 HANKAMER, I. J. ET UX Chambers County
03-22571 FRALISE FARMS Hardin County
03-22869 PABST-WILKENS Galveston County
03-23010 ZINN UNIT Galveston County
03-23274 MILLER, A. L. ET AL "A" Chambers County
03-23370 MILLER, A. L. "A" Chambers County
03-25253 KLEINSCHMIDT Lee County
03-25255 MARKERT-BROWN Lee County
03-25378 HALLS BAYOU RANCH Galveston County
04-11375 GERMER, C.F. Duval County
04-11497 RAMIREZ, J. A. Duval County
04-11599 HELLEN, DANA Jim Hogg County
04-11635 BENAVIDES, CLEO "B" Duval County
04-11658 MORRIS, ROBERT "A" Jim Hogg County
04-11673 GERMER, C.F. "A" Duval County
04-11726 ADAMS, L.M. "D" Jim Hogg County
04-11800 DRISCOLL FOUNDATION Duval County
04-11840 YAEGER HEIRS Jim Hogg County
04-138527 ALONZO BENAVIDES "E" Duval County
04-139563 YAEGER HEIRS Jim Hogg County
04-13999 HOLBEIN Jim Hogg County
04-140563 BENAVIDES, A. "C" Duval County
04-14065 HOLBEIN Jim Hogg County
04-141557 BALDWIN, J.C. San Patricio County
04-157792 STATE TRACT 973 Nueces County
04-164278 STATE TRACT 973 Nueces County
04-182820 VALDEZ-RAMIREZ Duval County
04-189009 GERMER, C. F. Duval County
08-09840 UNIVERSITY -H- Andrews County
08-222158 BG 50 Pecos County
08-238789 BG-STATE "50" Pecos County
08-34595 BRENNAND RANCH Mitchell County
08-39834 TEXAS TEASIP UNIVERSITY Andrews County
09-14584 CONDON Wilbarger County
09-19111 CONDON Wilbarger County
10-041441 NEWMAN Lipscomb County
10-043622 LARKEY Lipscomb County
10-056390 HANSHU Lipscomb County
10-06097 COMANCHE Hutchinson County
10-065256 ALBIN Lipscomb County
10-070550 ARDREY Lipscomb County
10-09141 KATY 285 Lipscomb County
10-134463 LARKEY UNIT Lipscomb County
10-144649 HANSHU Lipscomb County
10-223179 ELISE 286 Lipscomb County
8A-65346 SWENSON, S. M. Kent County

Drilling Permits Filed by Home Petroleum Corp.