Horizon Well Services, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Horizon Well Services, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Horizon Well Services, Inc.
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PO BOX 1060

Leases Operated by Horizon Well Services, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-01173 PAXTON, G. L. MRS., SR. Runnels County
7B-088084 YARBROUGH, J.A. #2 Callahan County
7B-124884 LEE, BRENDA Callahan County
7B-13836 SPEER, CORA Stephens County
7B-14563 THOMAS RANCH Nolan County
7B-16309 THOMAS RANCH "A" Nolan County
7B-17141 THOMAS RANCH A Nolan County
7B-17834 JOHNSON A Callahan County
7B-18563 JOHNSON 146 Callahan County
7B-18564 JOHNSON B Callahan County
7B-18946 SMITH, DELMON Taylor County
7B-20953 SPEER Stephens County
7B-27206 CAMPBELL Nolan County
7B-27331 CAMPBELL Nolan County
7B-27575 WEBB Runnels County
7C-06882 BOOK, FRANK Coke County
7C-07109 GALATIAN Runnels County
7C-07902 BAILEY, JAMES E. Runnels County
7C-08680 GALATIAN "B" Runnels County
7C-09182 BEARCAT Runnels County
7C-09336 HOPPER, C. C. Runnels County
7C-10279 STUBBLEFIELD Runnels County
7C-11027 GALATIAN -C- Runnels County
7C-11154 SULTEMEIER Concho County
7C-119503 GRIFFITH "A" Tom Green County
7C-12565 GALATIAN Runnels County
7C-12609 SORRELL, DANIEL Menard County
7C-13112 GALATIAN, R. H. Runnels County
7C-13155 JACOB, L. E. Runnels County
7C-13182 MERFELD, VICTOR J. Runnels County
7C-13211 PARRAMORE Runnels County
7C-13217 BRIDEMEYER, EDWARD Runnels County
7C-13240 JACOB, L. E. "S" Runnels County
7C-13405 BRILEY-BREDEMEYER Runnels County
7C-13568 ALLAR Runnels County
7C-13847 NORTON PROPERTIES Runnels County
7C-14293 ALLAR "H" Runnels County
7C-14294 MERFELD Runnels County

Drilling Permits Filed by Horizon Well Services, Inc.