Iron Orchard Operating LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Iron Orchard Operating LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Iron Orchard Operating LLC
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9601 KATY FWY #205


Leases Operated by Iron Orchard Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01523 NEW, J. L. ET AL Caldwell County
01-02810 NORTHCUTT, LULA Caldwell County
01-02883 ZEDLER Guadalupe County
01-02927 WEBB, MAX L. Guadalupe County
01-03341 SCHACKEL, ANNIE ET AL Guadalupe County
01-03346 WEBB, MAX L., -B- Caldwell County
01-03422 WRIGHT, PIERCE EST. -B- Guadalupe County
01-03460 TRAPP BRISCOE "A" Caldwell County
01-06376 WILSON, F.W. Caldwell County
01-06406 BROWN, SADIE Caldwell County
01-06739 HARDEMAN Caldwell County
01-06926 WALKER Caldwell County
01-07445 HOOVER Caldwell County
01-07870 BROWN Caldwell County
01-08478 ELLISON, ROGER Caldwell County
08-01338 COWDEN, E. W. -B- Winkler County
08-01357 BROWN-ALTMAN ACCT. 4-A Winkler County
08-01359 BROWN-ALTMAN ACCT. 5 Winkler County
08-019793 BROWN-ALTMAN ACCT. 7 Winkler County
08-03182 AC-8 BROWN ALTMAN Winkler County
08-03191 BROWN-ALTMAN (GETTY) Winkler County
08-03249 WALTON, J. B. Winkler County
08-03251 BROWN-ALTMAN AC. 1 Winkler County
08-03270 CAMPBELL, SETH -B- Winkler County
08-18340 BROWN-ALTMAN ACCT. #3 Winkler County
08-21419 COWDEN 39 UNIT Winkler County
08-25105 BROWN, E. Winkler County
08-46935 CAMPBELL, GRANT Winkler County
08-47580 SUZAHN II Crane County
08-47971 FAYE II Crane County
08-50672 MOJAVE Crane County
7B-12587 DAY Coleman County
7B-13333 SHEFFIELD, W.D. Coleman County
7B-13427 BREWER, J.E. Coleman County
7B-13583 STEVENS, JOE C. ET AL Coleman County
7C-00797 BARNET, ROSA H. -D- Upton County
7C-00800 OHARROW Upton County
7C-02395 POWELL, VIRGIL J., TR. -B- Schleicher County
7C-02929 OHARROW Upton County
7C-035687 BARNET, ROSA H. -D- Upton County
7C-04240 WILSON ESTATE Schleicher County
7C-079368 POWELL, VIRGIL J. Schleicher County
7C-09069 POWELL, VIRGIL J.TRACT "A" Schleicher County
7C-12851 UNIVERSITY 14 Crockett County
7C-13247 UNIVERSITY A Crockett County
7C-13455 SOPPE Upton County
7C-13532 SOPPE Upton County
7C-13606 SOPPE Upton County
7C-136282 O'HARROW Upton County
7C-14832 BARNET, ROSA H. -D- Upton County
7C-14953 BARNET, ROSA H. -D- Upton County
7C-15434 UNIVERSITY 15 Crockett County
7C-155110 POWELL, VIRGIL J. TR -A- Schleicher County
7C-16529 CHILDRESS Crockett County
7C-16788 POWELL Schleicher County
7C-17014 VIRGIL J. POWELL TR. B Schleicher County
7C-17053 POWELL, VIRGIL J. TR. "A" Schleicher County
7C-17200 CHILDRESS Crockett County
7C-17695 GATEWAY Upton County
7C-18255 EMERALD A Upton County
7C-19133 POWELL Schleicher County
7C-19134 VIRGIL J. POWELL Schleicher County
7C-20143 EMERALD B Upton County
7C-208505 CHILDRESS Crockett County
7C-212316 OWENS "6" Upton County
7C-220300 CHILDRESS Crockett County
7C-243760 POWELL Schleicher County
7C-250745 CHILDRESS Crockett County
7C-289747 UNIVERSITY C Crockett County

Drilling Permits Filed by Iron Orchard Operating LLC