Itx Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Itx Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Itx Corporation
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P O BOX 25202
DALLAS, TX 75225


Leases Operated by Itx Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-00475 WILSON -B- Archer County
09-041355 BARNETT Young County
09-061753 GUINN, C. W. Young County
09-061754 GUINN, C. W. Young County
09-077843 REEVES Young County
09-080080 CAMPBELL UNIT Parker County
09-08035 GAHAGAN, C. P. -B- Young County
09-081872 CEARLEY, DONALD Young County
09-090427 STOVALL UNIT Parker County
09-09772 SANDERS, A. G. -A- Young County
09-09867 SANDERS, A. G. -B- Young County
09-11445 HARRISON -B- Young County
09-12356 LONG, BERNICE, -A- Young County
09-13580 BARNETT Young County
09-16710 SANDERS Young County
09-170966 BURNS Young County
09-175402 SENTERS 3 UNIT Young County
09-176090 SENTERS 4 UNIT Young County
09-179256 SENTERS 2 UNIT Young County
09-19034 GAHAGAN, C. P. -B- Young County
09-20444 LOVING RANCH Young County
09-22522 SPEARS Young County
09-23166 SENTERS Young County
09-23730 LOVING RANCH Young County
09-25721 SPEARS Young County
09-282161 LONG, BERNICE Young County
09-28659 LONG, BERNICE Young County
09-28677 BARNETT NO. 1 UNIT Young County
09-28678 BARNETT NO. 2 UNIT Young County
09-28702 GAHAGAN, C.P. "C" Young County
09-28703 GAHAGAN, C.P. "B" Young County
09-28706 SMITH, MARY Young County
09-28823 CEARLEY, DONALD Young County
09-28824 CLIFTON, NADINE Young County
09-28839 FORD Young County
09-28840 HARLIN Young County
09-28961 BARNETT NO. 4 UNIT Young County
09-29012 SANDERS Young County
09-29094 BARNETT NO. 5 UNIT Young County
09-29184 SANDERS, A.G. -B- NO. 1 UNIT Young County
09-29223 SANDERS, A.G.-A- NO. 2 UNIT Young County
09-29289 BARNETT Young County
09-29440 GAHAGAN "B" Young County
09-29446 LONG, BERNICE Young County
09-29620 BARNETT NO. 3 UNIT Young County
09-29651 GAHAGAN, C.P. "B" Young County
09-29949 SANDERS, A.G. -A- 3 UNIT Young County
09-31785 SENTERS Young County
09-32091 SENTERS UNIT 1 Young County
09-33869 HARRISON B Young County
7B-017377 CARR, H. "B" UNIT Parker County
7B-017379 CARR, H., -E- UNIT Parker County
7B-017380 CARR, H., -F- UNIT Parker County
7B-017384 CARR -J- UNIT Parker County
7B-017385 CARR -K- UNIT Parker County
7B-017388 GILBERT UNIT Parker County
7B-017389 GILBERT -A- UNIT Parker County
7B-018500 VEALE, A. S., -C- Stephens County
7B-057418 YANDELL, M. Stephens County
7B-083018 VEALE, A.S. "C" Stephens County
7B-088820 WAGLEY, E.F."C" Palo Pinto County
7B-092974 DUNLAP,J.G. Stephens County
7B-093732 CRAVENS Parker County
7B-105713 VEALE, A.S. "C" Stephens County
7B-111749 VEALE, A. S. "C" Stephens County
7B-11488 WALKER, G. B. Stephens County
7B-11771 DUNLAP, J.G. Stephens County
7B-118030 MM TERRY RANCH, LTD. Stephens County
7B-12111 FREEMAN, A. Stephens County
7B-127621 VEALE,A.S. "C" Stephens County
7B-128818 VEALE,A.S. "C" Stephens County
7B-142808 STOVALL Parker County
7B-151704 L. B. WILSON UNIT Parker County
7B-181952 VEALE, A. S. -C- Stephens County
7B-194333 MM TERRY RANCH LTD Stephens County
7B-197972 DUNLAP, J. G. Stephens County
7B-202676 DUNLAP, J G Stephens County
7B-212976 FREEMAN Stephens County
7B-212977 FREEMAN Stephens County
7B-28346 VEALE-PARKS (CADDO) UNIT Stephens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Itx Corporation