J.W. Service Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By J.W. Service Company
Map of Wells Operated by J.W. Service Company
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Company Name:

P O BOX 361

Leases Operated by J.W. Service Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01174 RIEGER, OTTO Williamson County
01-01175 HALL, RAY W. Williamson County
01-01294 MATTECK, CARL Williamson County
01-06488 JOHNSON Gonzales County
01-07592 ILEY, G.R. ET AL Gonzales County
01-07739 KOKERNOT Gonzales County
01-08035 CARROLL UNIT Gonzales County
01-09467 HOLLOWAY, H. Bastrop County
01-11488 MOORE Gonzales County
01-11799 ELVIA Gonzales County
01-11964 HOLSTEIN, R.J. UNIT Wilson County
01-13419 TYREE, S.B. Gonzales County
01-13420 GRIFFIN, G. G. ET AL Gonzales County
01-13421 GLEGHORN, MAYME Gonzales County
01-13449 DAWE, STANLEY Gonzales County
01-13450 DAWE -B- Gonzales County
01-13747 ILEY, GEORGE R. ET AL Gonzales County
01-13892 RAMZINSKI UNIT Wilson County
01-13997 MOEHNKE, CARL Williamson County
01-14004 RIEGER OTTO "A" Williamson County
02-152171 BRANDT DeWitt County
02-155041 BADE DeWitt County
03-14614 WINKLER, CLARA Lee County
03-20027 WINKLER Lee County
09-12934 JONES, PERCY, EST. Montague County
09-12950 JONES, PERCY, ESTATE Montague County
09-130905 B.E.C. Montague County
09-24296 LOWRIE Montague County

Drilling Permits Filed by J.W. Service Company