Javelin Energy Partners MGMT LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Javelin Energy Partners MGMT LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Javelin Energy Partners MGMT LLC
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IRVING, TX 75039


Leases Operated by Javelin Energy Partners MGMT LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15274 ARMINIUS ENERGY TRUST Frio County
01-15351 ZELLA CROMWELL RANCH La Salle County
01-15404 WELDON SCHORP UNIT "A" Frio County
01-15405 R.H. PICKENS, ET AL "A" Frio County
01-15473 R.H. PICKENS, ET AL "B" Atascosa County
01-15608 R.H. PICKENS, ET AL A8 UNIT Frio County
01-15718 JOE HINDES "B" UNIT Atascosa County
01-15735 KOTHMANN-RANCH Frio County
01-15850 JAY HARPOLE Frio County
01-16098 H.A. GRAY, ET AL UNIT Frio County
01-16730 JOE HINDES 'C' UNIT Atascosa County
01-16743 JOE HINDES 'D' UNIT Atascosa County
01-16957 JOE HINDES 'F' UNIT Frio County
01-16992 GPC GEMINI Frio County
01-17188 JACKSON, ET AL - BLUE QUAIL UNIT Frio County
01-17328 R.H. PICKENS, ET AL B19 UNIT Atascosa County
01-17566 BILLY HINDES-NORTH UNIT Atascosa County
01-17900 SANTA CRUZ-TEN MILE UNIT Frio County
01-17990 PAISANO UNIT Atascosa County
01-18038 SABRE CLIP UNIT Atascosa County
01-18077 SCHORP 'A' Frio County
01-18191 ZRZAVY UNIT Frio County
01-18239 GHOST TOWN UNIT Frio County
01-18303 SCHORP-WHITE RANCH, LTD. Frio County
01-18355 FOUR CORNERS RANCH-UNIT 'B' Frio County
01-18430 SAN MARCOS UNIT Atascosa County
01-18545 SHEEPFOOT 1H Frio County
01-18571 ORION 1H Frio County
01-18572 APOLLO 1H Frio County
01-18589 RACCOON CREEK 1H Atascosa County
01-18599 RIO GRANDE UNIT Atascosa County
01-18600 MACO DAVIS UNIT Atascosa County
01-18627 ARABIAN 1H Frio County
01-18628 ARABIAN 2H Frio County
01-18630 WHARNCLIFFE 1H Frio County
01-18649 WHARNCLIFFE 2H Frio County
01-18722 MUSTANG 1H Frio County
01-18726 MUSTANG 2H Frio County
01-18727 GEMINI 1H Frio County
01-18737 GALILEO 1H Frio County
01-18775 SPEAR POINT 1H Frio County
01-18781 REMINGTON 1H Frio County
01-18782 REMINGTON 2H Frio County
01-18897 CLYDESDALE 1H Frio County
01-18914 MERCURY 1H Atascosa County
01-18919 MERCURY 2H Atascosa County
01-18934 GAP 1H Atascosa County
01-19114 CLYDESDALE 3H Frio County
01-19117 SCHORP-WHITE RANCH, LTD. 14H La Salle County
01-19118 SCHORP-WHITE RANCH, LTD. 16H La Salle County
01-19119 SCHORP-WHITE RANCH, LTD. 15H La Salle County
01-19128 DAUNTLESS 2H Frio County
01-19151 CLYDESDALE 2H Frio County
01-19233 APPALOOSA 2H Frio County
01-19235 BLUEJACK 2H Frio County
01-19236 WILLOW 2H Frio County
01-19237 APPALOOSA 4H Frio County
01-19252 PERCHERON 1H Frio County
01-19741 SCHORP 301 Frio County
01-19801 SCHORP 'B' Frio County
01-19891 BOWMAN EAST 304 Atascosa County
01-19897 CARNES 302 Frio County
01-19898 CARNES 303 Frio County
01-19914 CARNES-REGENTS UNIT Frio County
01-19919 BOWMAN EAST 305 Atascosa County
01-19923 BOWMAN EAST 306 Atascosa County
01-20040 SCHORP 303 La Salle County
01-20045 SCHORP 304 La Salle County
01-20303 BOSQUE 301 Atascosa County
01-20572 BOWMAN WEST 320 Atascosa County
01-20577 BOWMAN WEST 321 Atascosa County
09-260759 HENCKEN UNIT "A" FED Tarrant County
09-261388 HENCKEN UNIT "A" FED Tarrant County
09-261428 HENCKEN UNIT "A" FED Tarrant County
09-262667 MUZYKA, MARTHA Johnson County
09-263038 CASHION, JOHN Johnson County
09-266544 KING SISTERS Johnson County
09-269384 MURRIN BEAR CREEK Tarrant County
09-270564 GLADYS DIKE (SA) Johnson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Javelin Energy Partners MGMT LLC