JJ Operations, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By JJ Operations, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by JJ Operations, Inc.
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PO BOX 65272

Leases Operated by JJ Operations, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
8A-00291 MELTON, J. D. Hockley County
8A-085854 WRIGHT ESTATE Cochran County
8A-098921 SLAUGHTER ESTATE I Cochran County
8A-099881 SLAUGHTER ESTATE "H" Cochran County
8A-117910 DELOACHE Cochran County
8A-62047 BARRETT, H. G. Lamb County
8A-62688 HODGES Hockley County
8A-63259 SHIRLEY Hockley County
8A-63853 HUISE Hockley County
8A-64539 PRAIRIE DOG Cochran County
8A-64548 DELOACHE, JAMES I. Hockley County
8A-64745 BARRETT, H. G. Lamb County
8A-64765 WRIGHT ON Cochran County
8A-64905 SLAUGHTER ESTATE "K" Cochran County
8A-66482 MELTON Hockley County
8A-67120 SLAUGHTER ESTATE "J" Cochran County
8A-67548 SHIRLEY Hockley County
8A-67911 WRIGHT ESTATE Cochran County
8A-67918 WRIGHT ESTATE#4 Cochran County
8A-68645 BARRETT, H. G. Lamb County

Drilling Permits Filed by JJ Operations, Inc.