KCS Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By KCS Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by KCS Resources, Inc.
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Leases Operated by KCS Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-14055 MOSES & BAGGETT Caldwell County
02-06107 MCCAN, C.K. JR. "A" Victoria County
02-08604 ROCHE Refugio County
02-08902 COOLEY, M.E. Victoria County
02-133732 MCCAN, JR. ET AL Victoria County
02-176813 COLETO POINT Victoria County
02-178817 JACOB Goliad County
02-180502 COOLEY, M.E. Victoria County
02-184289 JACOB Goliad County
02-187798 JACOB Goliad County
02-194567 COOLEY, M. E. Victoria County
02-207640 COLETO POINT Victoria County
02-208595 MEIDER SU Live Oak County
03-02899 COCKBURN, H. C. Wharton County
03-25056 COCKBURN, H.C. Wharton County
04-146219 YZAGUIRRE, J. Zapata County
05-120546 WATSON, M. L. GU #1 Freestone County
05-151273 WATSON, M. L. GU #1 Freestone County
05-153472 UTLEY-HILL GU Freestone County
05-155992 HILL-SHAW Freestone County
05-157144 DENT GU Freestone County
05-160596 HILL-LAMBERT GU Freestone County
05-226901 WATSON TRUST GU Freestone County
05-227108 WATSON, M. L. GU #1 Freestone County
06-128373 JOHNSON, ALICE W. Shelby County
06-198782 RUSHING Shelby County
06-200127 HANSON, J. W. Shelby County
06-213625 HANSON, J. W. Shelby County
06-217478 JOAQUIN GAS UNIT "W" Shelby County
06-221924 JOHNSON, ALICE W. Shelby County
06-230743 PRIDGEN GAS UNIT Shelby County
10-144648 LAMASTER Ochiltree County
10-148182 FREEMAN Lipscomb County
10-149227 KIM Roberts County
10-152093 KIM Roberts County
7C-055410 ESPY, H. T. Sutton County
7C-061584 SHURLEY 98 Sutton County
7C-061865 ESPY, H. T. Sutton County
7C-071928 SAWYER 113 Sutton County
7C-076975 JONES 121 Sutton County
7C-095702 ASKEW, GUY WYATT "A" Sutton County
7C-096828 SHURLEY B 97 Sutton County
7C-103393 GENINI Sutton County
7C-109985 ASKEW, GUY WYATT ET AL Sutton County
7C-137825 SAWYER A 144 Sutton County
7C-137850 SHURLEY 98 Sutton County
7C-138562 SHURLEY A 99 Sutton County
7C-141587 JONES 121 Sutton County
7C-141724 SAWYER 113 Sutton County
7C-142858 SAWYER 169 Sutton County
7C-143521 JONES 119 Sutton County
7C-144188 SHURLEY "C" UNIT Sutton County
7C-145992 SAWYER 113 Sutton County
7C-146940 JONES 122 Sutton County
7C-147582 SAWYER 143 Sutton County
7C-148267 JONES 121 Sutton County
7C-148268 JONES 122 Sutton County
7C-148270 SAWYER 129 Sutton County
7C-149472 SHURLEY "C" UNIT Sutton County
7C-151685 GENINI Sutton County
7C-152153 SAWYER 170 Sutton County
7C-167070 GENINI Sutton County
7C-179205 GENINI Sutton County
7C-179206 GENINI Sutton County
7C-180232 JONES 121 Sutton County
7C-180548 SAWYER A 144 Sutton County
7C-181338 GENINI Sutton County
7C-192932 GENINI 128 Sutton County
7C-192934 GENINI 128 Sutton County
7C-199098 GENINI 128 Sutton County
7C-200733 GENINI 128 Sutton County
7C-200736 GENINI Sutton County
7C-205107 CARTA 114 Sutton County
7C-205233 SAWYER 129 Sutton County
7C-206153 GENINI Sutton County
7C-206576 CARTA 103 Sutton County
7C-209262 CARTA Sutton County
7C-210132 GENINI Sutton County
7C-218144 SAWYER 145 Sutton County
7C-218673 SAWYER A 144 Sutton County

Drilling Permits Filed by KCS Resources, Inc.