L & R Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By L & R Energy Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by L & R Energy Corporation
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PO BOX 241

Leases Operated by L & R Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-14033 GINI UNIT Burleson County
03-141148 GROTTE OL Washington County
03-156982 SEEKER Washington County
03-157910 SMITH, A. UNIT Grimes County
03-173280 THOMAS RANCH Grimes County
03-22349 THOMASON Burleson County
03-24069 THOMASON Burleson County
04-157128 MOLLETES CREEK "A" GU Zapata County
09-14051 COBB, LILLIE Wilbarger County
09-18704 TURNER, A. Young County
09-20287 DONNELL "2377" Young County
09-24641 TURNER-DONNELL UNIT Young County
09-25017 LEWIS, M.H. Wilbarger County
09-25518 TURNER Young County
09-29885 LOWKE Wilbarger County
10-02810 PHILLIPS, W. B. Lipscomb County
10-02839 BROWNLEE, WILLIAM T. Lipscomb County
10-03376 HAAR -B- Ochiltree County
10-04322 BRYAN Hansford County
10-055624 LANDIS Hansford County
10-05786 HARRIS, RILEY "A" Lipscomb County
10-092645 WILMETH-BROCK Hansford County
10-105394 SCHOENHALS UNIT Lipscomb County
10-119316 DIETRICH UNIT Ochiltree County
10-123041 BRILLHART -E- Ochiltree County
10-135935 BILLINGSLEY Hansford County
10-143452 SPARKS Hansford County
10-147352 KING -F- Roberts County
10-147468 OLA Lipscomb County
10-152086 SMITH, LEROY E. Ochiltree County
10-161662 HIX WILBANKS ESTATE Hansford County
10-187069 BRYAN Hansford County
6E-06072 BROWN, ROSA Gregg County
6E-06944 1ST. ST. BK. OF OVERTON Rusk County
6E-06994 PIERCY, H. A. Rusk County
6E-07438 COLE STATE Gregg County
7B-078824 KNOX B Stephens County
7B-12576 SPEER, A.C. Stephens County
7B-12684 SWENSON RANCH Stephens County
7B-12743 SWENSON RANCH B Stephens County
7B-12753 GRAMMER Stephens County
7B-12772 SWENSON RANCH -C- Stephens County
7B-12856 GRAMMER Stephens County
7B-13837 SWENSON RANCH "D" Stephens County
7B-14521 SWENSON RANCH "E" Stephens County
7B-15365 STANFORD I Stephens County
7B-15366 STANFORD II Stephens County
7B-15367 KNOX, W.D. Stephens County
7B-171475 SWENSON RANCH "A" Stephens County
7B-19375 KNOX ESTATE Stephens County
7B-28501 KNOX, W. D. "C" Stephens County
7C-15106 TODD 68 Crockett County
7C-15150 TODD 67-4 Crockett County

Drilling Permits Filed by L & R Energy Corporation