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Leases Operated by Lakeshore Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-122758 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-123219 EPPERSON, JAMES Edwards County
01-123220 EPPERSON, JAMES Edwards County
01-123221 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-123223 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-124486 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-125828 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-125829 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-142265 HABY Edwards County
01-143085 HABY Edwards County
01-143161 HABY Edwards County
01-143499 HABY Edwards County
01-146679 WHITWORTH Edwards County
01-151738 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-151739 EPPERSON, TOM Edwards County
01-151900 EPPERSON, JAMES Edwards County
01-160869 HABY Edwards County
01-171797 HOLMAN-FAGAN 44 Edwards County
01-172427 HOLMAN-FAGAN "44" Edwards County
01-172840 STEWART Edwards County
01-175143 EPPERSON Edwards County
01-176805 EPPERSON "47" Edwards County
01-178534 STEWART Edwards County
01-185797 MCKNIGHT POOLED UNIT Edwards County
01-212068 EPPERSON Edwards County
04-071611 WESTERVELT, G.C. ET AL Webb County
04-072715 GARCIA Webb County
04-074520 VETERANS LAND BOARD Webb County
04-159252 EVELYN CAMERON STATE Starr County
04-159308 EVELYN CAMERON STATE Starr County
04-160580 EVELYN CAMERON STATE Starr County
04-160582 CAMERON, EVELYN Starr County
04-161394 CAMERON, EVELYN STATE Starr County
04-165423 CAMERON, EVELYN STATE Starr County
04-199289 VETERANS LAND BOARD Webb County
04-210308 WELDER 385 Duval County
04-233054 SOLIS Zapata County
04-247848 AUGUSTA-KENTON Webb County
04-248719 AUGUSTA-KENTON Webb County
04-248936 AUGUSTA-KENTON Webb County
04-260331 AUGUSTA-KENTON Webb County
04-269499 AUGUSTA-KENTON Webb County
04-269500 AUGUSTA-KENTON Webb County
04-269947 AUGUSTA-KENTON Webb County
08-020576 REDMOND -J- Pecos County
08-054021 PECOS VALLEY -DE- Pecos County
09-26621 MARSHALL Grayson County
09-28149 POET Grayson County
09-28319 SLAGLE-FALLON Grayson County
09-28342 BARTON Grayson County
09-28593 SHERMAN MUNICIPAL Grayson County
09-28885 DARTER Grayson County
7B-102313 BROWN, J.F. Stephens County
7C-205129 SCOTTISH RITE Reagan County
7C-211833 SCOTTISH RITE "127" Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Lakeshore Operating, LLC