Laredo Energy, LP Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Laredo Energy, LP
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Leases Operated by Laredo Energy, LP

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-098330 MCNARY - WARRIOR Webb County
04-09873 GUERRA SHARE 20 OIL UNIT Starr County
04-10019 GUERRA SHARE 8-D Starr County
04-113492 JENNINGS RANCH Zapata County
04-114573 JENNINGS RANCH Zapata County
04-11460 GUERRA SHARE 22 Starr County
04-118600 JENNINGS RANCH Zapata County
04-118729 JENNINGS RANCH "B" Zapata County
04-119598 JENNINGS RANCH Zapata County
04-119705 WATSON, H. Webb County
04-120801 JENNINGS RANCH Zapata County
04-12576 GONZALES, L. SHARE 20 Starr County
04-126077 JENNINGS RANCH 'B' Zapata County
04-12611 TEXACO FEE Starr County
04-12681 TEXACO FEE-GUERRA "C" #1 Starr County
04-12754 TEXACO FEE-GUERRA "E" #1 Starr County
04-12760 TEXACO FEE - GUERRA "D" #1 Starr County
04-12769 TEXACO FEE Starr County
04-12770 TEXACO FEE Starr County
04-12797 TEXACO FEE-GUERRA "B" Starr County
04-12810 TEXACO FEE- GUERRA "A" Starr County
04-13005 SHARE 91 Starr County
04-130243 VELA-CUELLAR Zapata County
04-13156 SHARE 92 Starr County
04-131877 VOLPE BROTHERS Zapata County
04-132353 VASQUEZ-URIBE "A" GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-132627 VOLPE BROTHERS Zapata County
04-133792 VASQUEZ, ROMEO ET AL Zapata County
04-137286 VASQUEZ, DELIA M. Zapata County
04-138592 URIBE GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-138778 SINGER B Zapata County
04-139111 VOLPE BROTHERS Zapata County
04-142980 VASQUEZ DE PENA Zapata County
04-147848 VELA-CUELLAR Zapata County
04-150128 GARCIA - GONZALES GAS UNIT Starr County
04-150748 WATSON, H. Webb County
04-151717 VASQUEZ, ROMEO ET AL Zapata County
04-152128 WATSON, H. Webb County
04-156312 GUERRA SHARES 304-C Starr County
04-157408 VASQUEZ-SHARP-ANDERS G. U. Zapata County
04-161947 VASQUEZ - URIBE "A" GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-164755 VASQUEZ-URIBE "A" GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-164794 LAREDO TOWNSITE "A" UNIT Webb County
04-170513 JENNINGS RANCH Zapata County
04-171985 MCNARY-RAMSAY Webb County
04-174049 VASQUEZ-URIBE "A" GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-175230 VASQUEZ, ROMEO Zapata County
04-175333 VELA-CUELLAR Zapata County
04-176285 TEXACO FEE GUERRA "G" Starr County
04-176969 VELA-CUELLAR Zapata County
04-177379 TEXACO FEE GUERRA "F" Starr County
04-179314 TEXACO-FEE GUERRA G Starr County
04-180376 GUERRA SHARE 8D Starr County
04-181097 SHARE 180A Starr County
04-181098 SHARE 180A Starr County
04-181382 GUERRA G Starr County
04-181876 VASQUEZ, DELIA M. Zapata County
04-186389 SHARE 92 Starr County
04-186746 TEXACO GUERRA G Starr County
04-190539 JENNINGS, ROY Zapata County
04-191104 JENNINGS, ROY Zapata County
04-191362 JENNINGS, ROY Zapata County
04-191697 JENNINGS, ROY Zapata County
04-191698 MORALES ET AL Zapata County
04-192939 GUERRA SHARE 8 - D Starr County
04-193067 FLORES, RUBEN MINERAL Zapata County
04-193508 R M T Zapata County
04-193716 JENNINGS, ROY Zapata County
04-194586 NEW ZAPATA EAST G.U. Zapata County
04-195373 R.M.T. Zapata County
04-195602 BENAVIDES Zapata County
04-196022 VILLARREAL Zapata County

Drilling Permits Filed by Laredo Energy, LP