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Leases Operated by Lewis Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-00762 DORRANCE, J. K. & WING, W. G. Fort Bend County
03-00763 HATFIELD, EVA Fort Bend County
06-11932 HACKETT UNIT Smith County
09-00069 WILSON-HENLEY -C- Archer County
09-00071 WILSON-MASSIE Archer County
09-00962 CHAPMAN, O. H. Archer County
09-00965 PERKINS-GRAHAM Archer County
09-00970 PERKINS, J. J., ETAL -P- Archer County
09-061697 CHERRYHOMES, T. H. Jack County
09-06415 HATHORN, B. P. Wichita County
09-131609 JOHNSON, C.W. JR. Young County
09-13326 QUANAH COUNTRY CLUB Hardeman County
09-14196 EAST HOLLIDAY LIME UNIT Archer County
09-15269 NICHOLS, A. P. Archer County
09-15452 SHELL UNIT Archer County
09-15776 EXPANDO HULL SILK UNIT Archer County
09-15797 RUTTY, MAY Archer County
09-16572 LIPSCOMB (DEEP) Archer County
09-17008 EXPANDO HULL SILK UNIT Archer County
09-17018 MOSS, T. J. Archer County
09-17019 WILSON -D- Archer County
09-17288 HULL SILK 4000-FOOT LIM UNIT Archer County
09-17527 RUTTY, MAY -A- Archer County
09-17528 LITTLE, J. A. -BIG- Archer County
09-17665 EXPANDO PRODUCTION CO. FEE Archer County
09-17827 BLAKEY, BERTHA Archer County
09-19420 LYLES Archer County
09-19811 MCNABB Hardeman County
09-19998 TURBEVILLE, J. H. Archer County
09-20183 ENGLAND Clay County
09-20364 PERKINS -Q- Archer County
09-20371 LUMPKIN, C. L. Clay County
09-20483 CAHOON UNIT Archer County
09-20785 WHITE Archer County
09-21042 SHORT Clay County
09-21496 ENGLAND UNIT Clay County
09-21710 WILMUT Archer County
09-23278 ALLAR Young County
09-23469 ANDERSON C Archer County
09-24054 WILSON "D" Archer County
09-24660 REDRIDGE Clay County
09-24993 CHAPMAN UNIT Clay County
09-25299 NORRIS UNIT "A" Clay County
09-25350 RUSSELL Clay County
09-25639 STOFFERS Young County
09-25681 NORRIS UNIT "B" Clay County
09-25950 NORRIS 'B' Clay County
09-27505 KNIGHT Young County
09-27992 MCNABB, F.H. Hardeman County
09-28095 MAINES Young County
09-28832 LITTLE B Archer County
09-28859 RUTTY, MAY Archer County
09-28936 WILSON, L F D Archer County
09-28959 WILSON, L F D Archer County
09-29405 LEONARD Young County
09-30237 WILSON, L. F. "F" Archer County
09-30767 NOVELLA Archer County
09-30861 SOUTHERN GATE CADDO UNIT Young County
09-30862 SOUTHERN GATE CADDO UNIT Young County
09-31110 WGW Archer County
09-32439 LINDEMANN PROPERTIES Archer County
09-32693 LINDEMANN PROPERTIES R Archer County
09-32876 WILSON E Archer County
09-33004 WILSON L.F. 'F' 4300 Archer County
09-33018 WILSON C Archer County
09-33023 LIPSCOMB A Archer County
09-33215 WILSON E Archer County
09-33319 LIPSCOMB B Archer County
7B-096122 COLEMAN COUNTRY CLUB Coleman County
7B-117193 HUCKABEE "C" Coleman County
7B-119460 HORNE "C" Coleman County
7B-14779 FREEMAN -D- Coleman County
7B-15077 ARNETT Coleman County
7B-15230 FREEMAN, R.M. "F" Coleman County
7B-16227 FREEMAN -D- Coleman County
7B-24917 LITTLE LONGHORN UNIT Coleman County
7B-25344 CJC UNIT Coleman County
7B-25345 CJC UNIT Coleman County
7B-25346 CJC UNIT Coleman County

Drilling Permits Filed by Lewis Operating Company