Low-End Oil LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Low-End Oil LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Low-End Oil LLC
Contact Information
Company Name:

9901 BRODIE LN NO 160-309
AUSTIN, TX 78748

Leases Operated by Low-End Oil LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-07041 SMITH -A- Gonzales County
01-07408 CLACK, JAMES D. JR. ET AL Gonzales County
02-046504 FRIEDRICKS, O. J. Goliad County
02-055134 JOHNSON, E. L. Victoria County
03-00450 LUSCHER Fort Bend County
03-02667 SOLAR OIL CO. OF TEXAS Liberty County
03-02672 SOUTH LIBERTY STATE TRACT 3 Liberty County
03-02681 FISHER, FLORENCE C. Liberty County
03-05262 GUTHRIE, VIRNA C., MRS. Liberty County
03-11882 PEVETO Orange County
03-12399 ARCO FEE Orange County
03-14925 O'BRIEN, C.D. Liberty County
03-16006 PICKETT, E.W. Liberty County
03-20566 EXXON SECTION 1 FEE "A" Tyler County
03-23146 STREETS, DAVIS Liberty County
03-23407 CHAMBERS, MYRTLE Liberty County
03-254226 ARCO FEE 99 UNIT Orange County
04-174259 WILKINSON, A. D. Jim Wells County
04-211445 GONZALEZ, GRACIELA Zapata County
08-04683 MASSEY & NETTIEBERG Ward County
08-07254 HADWEN, HELEN Ward County
09-32379 CLEVELAND HEIRS Clay County
6E-08470 WOOLEY, J. Rusk County
7B-13338 DAVIS, J.L. ESTATE Callahan County
7B-14507 HURLBUT, F.J. Brown County
7B-185532 HEIRS, TERRY Shackelford County
7B-188072 LANE, M. Shackelford County
7B-25990 COBB, M. M. "A" Haskell County
7B-27799 COBB Haskell County
7B-27910 REAMES, GRACE Haskell County
7B-27985 MASTERSON, BILL Haskell County
7B-27998 MASTERSON Haskell County
7B-28027 REAMES Haskell County
7B-28040 REAMES Haskell County
7B-28046 REAMES, GRACE Haskell County
7B-28094 MASTERSON, BILL Haskell County
7B-28493 REAMES Haskell County
7B-28648 JY RANCH Haskell County
7B-28740 MAXWELL Shackelford County
7B-29016 DAVIS, J. T. ESTATE Callahan County
7B-29152 WHITE Taylor County
7B-30926 CUESTA-VOSS Coleman County
7C-16204 TEXTRON-JOHNSON Tom Green County
7C-216778 JOHNSON, J. WILLIS "A" Tom Green County
8A-62094 SCHWARZ, EDNA Lubbock County
8A-68422 SPARKS Gaines County
8A-69540 RICHARDSON Scurry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Low-End Oil LLC