Machin & Associates, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Machin & Associates, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Machin & Associates, Inc.
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PO BOX 2999


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Leases Operated by Machin & Associates, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-03407 BAKER Leon County
05-03462 SULLIVAN Leon County
05-03848 WILLIAMS Leon County
05-03862 WILLIAMS, ET AL Leon County
05-04400 PRIDDY 'A' Kaufman County
05-128370 CALLAHAN, V. Leon County
05-131702 COOK Leon County
05-132789 BAKER Leon County
05-134309 SULLIVAN Leon County
05-135868 SULLIVAN "A" Leon County
05-136113 COOK Leon County
05-137977 COOK "B" Leon County
06-017004 BENDER, J. G. Harrison County
06-037088 BENDER, J. G., ET AL Harrison County
06-043038 SHEAD, H. P.#1 Gregg County
06-050318 BOSCH Harrison County
06-05393 BOSCH, J. M. Harrison County
06-054208 HAYES, MARTIN Gregg County
06-05484 BOSCH -A-1 Harrison County
06-058501 BODENHEIM, G. A. Gregg County
06-05899 LEMMON,L. Cass County
06-063589 MCWHORTER, E.O. Gregg County
06-097660 KELLY, G.A. Gregg County
06-10104 SHELTON, W. L. Cass County
06-10302 BELL, WILLIAM, JR Cass County
06-103410 HAYES Gregg County
06-10736 BOSCH, R. Harrison County
06-11214 WHATLEY Cass County
06-112495 CASTLEBERRY Gregg County
06-113012 DEWARE Marion County
06-11758 TUBBS Gregg County
06-119926 CRAIG Rusk County
06-12009 TURNER, M. L. Rusk County
06-12082 BOSCH, JOSEPH M. Harrison County
06-12160 CASTLEBERRY, JACK Gregg County
06-122246 GANT ESTATE Harrison County
06-12348 MAGRILL Gregg County
06-12406 CASTLEBERRY Gregg County
06-12427 FARRELL, J. M. Gregg County
06-124955 WAYMAN, E. Harrison County
06-12520 HOWARD HEIRS Harrison County
06-12569 CASTLEBERRY Gregg County
06-125989 HARLETON COMPANY Harrison County
06-126762 SMITH, E.N., JR. GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-126814 MANVILLE FOREST PRODUCTS CORP. Harrison County
06-12705 WHALEY Harrison County
06-128011 MARSHALL NATIONAL BANK Harrison County
06-130605 HAYES Gregg County
06-131441 BODENHEIM, G.A. Gregg County
06-140145 WICKHAM PACKING CO. Gregg County
06-140769 MCWHORTER, E. O. Gregg County
06-14157 MOORE Rusk County
06-142015 KELLY, G.A. Gregg County
06-14221 MCCARTER Rusk County
06-142589 KELLY, G.A. Gregg County
06-14587 PATTON-JARVIS Gregg County
06-14736 K. C. R. TIMBERLAND LTD Rusk County
06-14817 KCR TIMBERLAND LTD., ET AL Rusk County
06-14974 SNIDER INDUSTRIES Marion County
06-15066 DUDLEY, KATE Gregg County
06-15112 CASS COUNTY IRON CO. Cass County
06-15114 JD BRASHER Panola County
06-15134 ROWELL Marion County
06-15157 VINYARD Marion County
06-15166 R. BOSCH Harrison County
06-15342 FOSTER Cass County
06-15384 MOORE Cass County
06-15385 GOODWIN Bowie County
06-15389 MARY BRADFORD Cass County
06-15464 SMITH Cass County
06-15470 GOODWIN Bowie County
06-15505 WILLIAMSON Cass County
06-15566 SIMPSON Cass County
06-15859 LENNOX Red River County
06-15968 MCDANIEL Bowie County
06-216617 DUDLEY, KATE Gregg County
06-220592 KIMMEY Angelina County
06-222470 ROBERSON Anderson County
06-235349 MCMICHAEL Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by Machin & Associates, Inc.