Magnum Producing, LP Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Magnum Producing, LP
Map of Wells Operated by Magnum Producing, LP
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STE 501


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Leases Operated by Magnum Producing, LP

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-00394 SCHAEFER, E. C. DeWitt County
02-05446 GEARY, C. A. DeWitt County
02-06169 KRUEGAR, D. R. DeWitt County
02-08865 PREMIER-APPLING Jackson County
02-10230 STATE TRACT 44 UNIT Aransas County
02-133437 BING Lavaca County
02-176171 GUY PUTMAN ET AL GAS UNIT Karnes County
02-245422 MENNING Lavaca County
02-250887 CHICOLETE CREEK Lavaca County
02-290069 SPACEK UNIT Victoria County
02-291133 BMB INVESTMENTS Lavaca County
03-02099 ROBERTS-MUELLER Chambers County
03-02817 STEWART, W. L. Wharton County
03-047134 POOLE Colorado County
03-091859 ZAHRADNICK, ALFRED Colorado County
03-113719 SOUTH MAYES UNIT 6 Chambers County
03-128149 NASH, HANNAH Harris County
03-158691 PRIESMEYER, L. Colorado County
03-164970 MIKESKA, JERRY Austin County
03-165102 HINTZ ESTATE 'A' Austin County
03-183638 HILLBOLDT GAS UNIT Austin County
03-184787 SOUTH MAYES GAS UNIT 10 Chambers County
03-18769 MAXWELL, GEORGE Liberty County
03-190621 HERDER GAS UNIT 2 Colorado County
03-199834 HINTZ ESTATE Austin County
03-201550 HINTZ ESTATE 'A' Austin County
03-206045 KEYSTONE MILLS Montgomery County
03-210199 LIEBERMAN Austin County
03-210200 HILLBOLDT Austin County
03-215622 HILLBOLDT Austin County
03-21610 VIEMAN, L.D. Brazoria County
03-217825 HINTZ ESTATE 'A' Austin County
03-22393 LANCASTER, W.H. Wharton County
03-233975 FRIENDSHIP NO. 4 GAS UNIT Jefferson County
03-24644 NASH, HANNAH Harris County
03-247945 G.S. HARRISON UNIT Matagorda County
03-25060 KAISER Fayette County
03-25782 JOHNSON, B. A. "D" OIL UNIT Colorado County
03-27151 A. SCHROEDER Austin County
03-27236 BLACK STONE MINERALS Tyler County
03-27279 RIEGER Wharton County
03-27285 BLACK STONE MINERALS Tyler County
03-27401 TICONDEROGA A Hardin County
03-27418 BLACK STONE MINERALS Tyler County
03-27495 TICONDEROGA B Hardin County
03-27533 MCINTYRE, WILLIS Wharton County
03-27819 MCLEAN UNIT 4 Jefferson County
03-279199 BAPTIST FOUNDATION Matagorda County
03-27996 DUCROZ Brazoria County
03-282350 BLACK STONE MINERALS Tyler County
03-283557 RANCHO CULLEN UNIT Colorado County
03-284977 ROBESON Matagorda County
03-287522 LANCASTER, W. H. Wharton County
03-290845 ANDERSON Matagorda County
03-292111 BLACK STONE MINERALS Tyler County
03-294752 MCLEAN UNIT 3 Jefferson County
03-295303 SPOHN FOUNDATION Brazoria County
04-011877 KAUFER, LEO -B- /MA.-1/ Kleberg County
04-011885 KAUFER, LEO -B- /BA-2/ UNIT Kleberg County
04-066093 MCCANN, OLA San Patricio County
04-13355 SCARBOROUGH Nueces County
04-13410 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-145065 J.C. MANN GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-162080 CHILDS/MIDDLE/GU Kleberg County
04-175691 JERICO LTD.GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-194224 COLLINS-BEVANS Kleberg County
04-201238 MAY FIELD UNIT Kleberg County
04-212342 HOFFMAN 116 Duval County
04-212867 JERICO LTD. GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-217454 JERICO LTD GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-226100 HOFFMAN 116 Duval County
04-233961 HOFFMAN 116 Duval County
04-244496 ALEXANDER "A" Zapata County
04-248176 ALEXANDER "A" Zapata County
04-250087 MENDOZA "B" Zapata County
04-276012 MCCANN, OLA GAS UNIT San Patricio County
04-284641 MANN, J.C. GAS UNIT Hidalgo County
04-292759 MAY FIELD UNIT Kleberg County
7C-18277 UNIVERSITY '2W' Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Magnum Producing, LP