Majestic Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Majestic Petroleum Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Majestic Petroleum Corporation
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12900 PRESTON RD. SUITE 1200
DALLAS, TX 75230

Leases Operated by Majestic Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05529 MCCOY, ROY Frio County
01-12345 MAJESTIC-LANG Zavala County
01-12361 MAJESTIC-LANG "A" Zavala County
03-14317 STANLEY Washington County
03-15358 MAJESTIC-HEINKEL Lee County
03-15415 MAJESTIC-WILLIE Lee County
03-15992 OWEN UNIT Lee County
03-17465 MAJESTIC-MONROE Lee County
03-20377 OWEN UNIT Lee County
05-02979 MAJESTIC-WAKEFIELD #1 Leon County
05-02998 MAJESTIC-SNELL Leon County
05-03011 MAJESTIC-BETTS UNIT Leon County
05-03021 MAJESTIC-FIELDS Leon County
05-03022 MAJESTIC-SULLIVAN Leon County
05-03140 MAJESTIC-ESSIE HINES Leon County
05-03149 MAJESTIC-CHILI Leon County
05-03181 MAJESTIC-EUNICE "A" Leon County
05-03195 MAJESTIC-EUNICE UNIT Leon County
05-03196 MAJESTIC-EUNICE "B" UNIT Leon County
05-03198 MAJESTIC-HILL UNIT Leon County
05-03204 MAJESTIC-GAYLE UNIT Leon County
05-03263 MAJESTIC-GIBSON UNIT Leon County
08-22413 CARL BRYANT Mitchell County
08-22527 DOOLF Mitchell County
08-22586 DOOLF -A- Mitchell County
08-22617 NEWBY, CLARENCE Mitchell County
08-22633 DOOLF -B- Mitchell County
08-22646 DAWSON Mitchell County
08-22709 COOK, GLORIA Mitchell County
08-22713 JUSTICE Mitchell County
08-22810 STRANGE Mitchell County
08-22812 BRUNER, JANE Mitchell County
08-22815 JORDAN Mitchell County
08-22852 MONA Mitchell County
08-22862 STRANGE -A- Mitchell County
08-22909 MAY
08-23025 FEASTER Mitchell County
08-23026 NEWBY A Mitchell County
08-23028 SWEATT Mitchell County
08-23042 MONA -A- Mitchell County
08-23058 HINES A Mitchell County
08-23059 YOUNG Mitchell County
08-23132 DORN A Mitchell County
8A-60110 E.B.HOPE Martin County
8A-60220 JEWELL MCALLISTER Martin County
8A-60417 BONNIE DYER Martin County
8A-60443 B.T.HILL Martin County

Drilling Permits Filed by Majestic Petroleum Corporation