Marshall Expl. Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Marshall Expl. Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Marshall Expl. Inc.
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TYLER, TX 75703

Leases Operated by Marshall Expl. Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-007116 M. Y. VICK GAS UNIT Madison County
03-098990 LEWIS Madison County
03-106715 MOSS-MALONE Madison County
03-108240 M. Y. VICK Madison County
03-108560 PASTUSEK Madison County
03-112247 HARRIS-JOHNSON Madison County
03-114286 VICK, M.Y. Madison County
03-11457 MOSS-MALONE Madison County
03-115408 POWLEDGE Grimes County
03-11638 VICK, M.Y. "A" Madison County
03-116510 MALONE, MOSS Madison County
03-117887 POWLEDGE Grimes County
03-120570 VICK M. Y. Madison County
03-127024 POWLEDGE Grimes County
03-17240 FAUST Madison County
03-17358 GARRETT ESTATE Grimes County
03-17390 CARMICHAEL Madison County
03-17571 CARMICHAEL Madison County
03-18472 HEATH Madison County
03-18820 DEAN, H.G. Madison County
03-19094 BRACEWELL Grimes County
03-19135 PASTUSEK Madison County
03-19212 HARRIS-JOHNSON Madison County
03-19655 POWLEDGE Grimes County
05-01945 PALMER,H. D. Van Zandt County
05-01960 PALMER-CRIM UNIT Van Zandt County
05-01968 MCKENZIE HEIRS Van Zandt County
05-01984 CRIM,R.C. HEIRS Van Zandt County
05-01985 DAVIS HEIRS Van Zandt County
05-02882 DUNN Leon County
06-059299 MOODY NATIONAL BANK Rusk County
06-062618 DANIELS Panola County
06-066022 INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO. Panola County
06-068749 PYLE, R. E. Panola County
06-073298 DANIELS, Z. L. Panola County
06-079557 WILLIAMS, CLAUDE Harrison County
06-082551 HARRISON, J.A. Panola County
06-083927 CARTER-HARRIS Panola County
06-084489 CARTER-HARRIS Panola County
06-085692 CUNNINGHAM Panola County
06-086256 CUNNINGHAM Panola County
06-086297 HARRIS Panola County
06-087341 PELLHAM Panola County
06-089098 GREEN, OUIDA Gregg County
06-089220 WIENER, WILLIAM B. JR. Panola County
06-097937 LYNCH, MAIZIE Panola County
06-098154 GROGAN Cass County
06-098843 HAWKEYE Shelby County
06-100689 HARRISON, J. A. Panola County
06-101218 COMPTON Rusk County
06-102014 SMITH, TALMADGE GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-102481 SPRADLEY Panola County
06-102488 ELLINGTON Shelby County
06-102590 LOCKE Shelby County
06-103477 ANGELINA COUNTY LUMBER CO. Angelina County
06-104387 WATERS Shelby County
06-105117 WATERS-MCCAULEY Shelby County
06-106501 ELLINGTON Shelby County
06-107349 HOWARD Shelby County
06-107377 HOWARD Shelby County
06-11382 FLANAGAN Rusk County
06-12055 TAYLOR Harrison County
06-120646 MOORE Harrison County
06-12088 TAYLOR Harrison County
06-121171 WERNER-SAWMILL Panola County
06-121230 MERCER Harrison County
06-12154 DODSON Harrison County
06-122280 HESTER-SLONE Harrison County
06-122442 CARLILE AND HOWELL Harrison County
06-122725 NORTON-HEIM Harrison County
06-122798 SWIFT Harrison County
06-122938 ANDREWS Harrison County
06-123859 SWIFT Harrison County
06-124215 TUCKER Harrison County
06-12423 MCDONALD Shelby County
06-124440 MANN Harrison County
06-124657 OSBORNE Harrison County
7B-090129 ALLEN "B" Palo Pinto County
7B-090310 BAKER Palo Pinto County
7B-090311 DUNNAWAY C Palo Pinto County

Drilling Permits Filed by Marshall Expl. Inc.