Mer Resources Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Mer Resources
Map of Wells Operated by Mer Resources
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EDMOND, OK 73013

Leases Operated by Mer Resources

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-00219 COLINE -D- Hardin County
03-00221 GULF FEE Hardin County
03-00222 COLINE C Hardin County
03-036912 COLINE Hardin County
03-05738 COLINE -B- Hardin County
03-08550 COLINE -A- Hardin County
03-09079 PARAFFINE Hardin County
03-09103 CECIL, MARY REED-MECOM UNIT Hardin County
03-136014 COLINE Hardin County
03-14427 COLINE "H" Hardin County
03-14518 COLINE "G" Hardin County
03-24424 COLINE Hardin County
10-103212 AGNES LOTT RANCH Wheeler County
10-137269 CLEVELAND WAYNE 87 Hemphill County
10-141651 WRIGHT, CHARLES B. Hemphill County
10-146029 WAYNE 88 Hemphill County
10-148554 CLEVELAND, WAYNE Hemphill County
10-152094 WAYNE 88 Hemphill County
10-199131 CLEVELAND WAYNE 87 Hemphill County
7B-11842 TISCHLER Brown County
7B-120293 BOWEN, A. J. Brown County
7B-120603 BOWEN, A. J. Brown County
7B-120882 BOWEN, A.J. Brown County
7B-121380 BOWEN,A.J. Brown County
7B-121851 BOWEN, A. J. Brown County
7B-121854 BOWEN, A. J. Brown County
7B-14272 BUSBEE Brown County
7B-20229 RAY, E.C. Brown County
7B-24044 BOWEN, A.J. Brown County
7B-24428 BOWEN, A.J. Brown County
7B-27574 BEEN Brown County

Drilling Permits Filed by Mer Resources