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Wells Operated By Mitchell, Geo. & Assoc., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Mitchell, Geo. & Assoc., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Mitchell, Geo. & Assoc., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-002501 GRAVES, J. A. Jackson County
02-004365 STATE NAVIDAD RIVER Jackson County
02-004379 STATE NAVIDAD RIVER Jackson County
02-004384 STATE NAVIDAD RIVER Jackson County
02-031597 STATE NAVIDAD RIVER Jackson County
02-031598 STATE NAVIDAD RIVER Jackson County
02-036640 CLEMENT, GEORGE S. Jackson County
03-006337 PECKHAM, C. L. Colorado County
03-007731 CLARDY, B. B. Matagorda County
03-031302 BONEY, W. E. Madison County
03-034683 GARRETT, OLA HEATH Madison County
03-05906 FRICK, OTTO Matagorda County
03-09190 CALVERT-SHAWVER Houston County
06-00010 CONSUMER LIGNITE CO. Wood County
06-00014 MCCOLLUM UNIT Wood County
09-021185 HALSELL, J. R., -A- Jack County
09-021188 HALSELL, J. R. Jack County
09-021317 GOSE, S. M. Wise County
09-021454 IVY-GUNTER -B- Jack County
09-028535 JONES, W. W. Wise County
09-028562 BASS, EPHRIAM Parker County
09-028660 GRACE, P. M. Jack County
09-028669 HAWKINS, E. S. Wise County
09-028716 KINSEY, WILLIE M. Wise County
09-028726 LEONARD H G 1C Wise County
09-028730 LOWE, F. J. Wise County
09-029260 GETTYS, C. T. Wise County
09-031728 MCDONALD, J. T. Wise County
09-032556 TAYLOR, DAISY Wise County
09-033148 HOLT, LEWIS F Wise County
09-034119 JOHNSON, SAM Wise County
09-035533 CHRISTIAN, D. M. Jack County
09-036671 KAKER, L. H. Wise County
09-037781 HAMILTON, PAUL L. Wise County
09-038539 MORRIS-KEMPNER Jack County
09-039067 BOLEY, L. E. Jack County
09-040151 WOMACK, T. W. Wise County
09-040685 JONES, C. R. Wise County
09-041029 SMITH-KUTCH Wise County
09-041101 PORTWOOD - KELLY Jack County
09-042001 HAIRE, J. E. Jack County
09-044073 MORGAN, ALICE Jack County
09-046183 GILLEY, R. R. Jack County
09-046833 WALKER, MABEL Wise County
09-047234 PERKINS-KINDER Jack County
09-08864 SMITH, A. B. Wise County
09-09883 ROBINSON, ROY -B- Wise County
09-10023 PORTER, BEN F. Wise County
09-12099 ZIGLER, ELMER Wise County
09-13909 GRACE, P. M. Jack County
09-14295 CHRISTIAN, D. M. Jack County
09-15115 LOWRY, HAROLD Clay County
09-15279 HODGES, EARL Wise County
09-16211 CAMPSEY, HARRY Jack County
09-16652 ELLISON, R.A. Jack County
09-16955 MORGAN, ALICE Jack County
7B-037393 GHOLSON, B. R. Parker County
7B-037663 DAY, G. E. Parker County
7B-044588 KERR-MCGEE Eastland County

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