Mobil Oil Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Mobil Oil Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Mobil Oil Corporation
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P O BOX 4358

Leases Operated by Mobil Oil Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-004700 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-004702 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-004718 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-004719 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-004720 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-043036 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-04417 WEST RANCH STATE OIL & GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-04432 TURNER, E. A. Jackson County
02-044871 WEST RANCH STATE OIL & GAS UNIT Jackson County
02-045127 FOUR WAY RANCH Jackson County
02-059168 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-05923 WEST RANCH A Jackson County
02-060381 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-060528 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
02-064923 WEST RANCH -A- Jackson County
03-055429 MICHALICK-MATL GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-06034 TRULL, R. B. Matagorda County
03-07601 SAVAGE, STEWART Matagorda County
03-07740 FINLEY, GERTRUDE Liberty County
03-08193 TRULL ESTATE Matagorda County
04-011463 CONKLE UNIT - WORTLEY, WM. Jim Wells County
04-011464 EL PAISANO UNIT Jim Wells County
04-011470 LA GLORIA GAS UNIT Jim Wells County
04-011471 LA GLORIA, SOUTH GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-011482 LA GLORIA, SOUTH, GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-011487 CHURCH OF BRETHREN Brooks County
04-033182 WILSON, J. O. Duval County
04-034415 LA GLORIA GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-034505 DUVAL RANCH SEC. 257 GAS UNIT Duval County
04-034506 DUVAL RANCH SEC. 257 GAS UNIT Duval County
04-034846 SANTA CRUZ FARMS Hidalgo County
04-035292 WEIL -C- Nueces County
04-047017 LA GLORIA GAS UNIT Jim Wells County
04-047170 LA GLORIA GAS UNIT Brooks County
04-04865 BLUCHER, C. F. H. Jim Wells County
04-049097 JUAREZ, E. Starr County
04-049955 SEELIGSON, A. A. AC/5 Jim Wells County
04-050367 KENEDY RANCH -A- Kenedy County
04-064346 STATE TRACT 751 Nueces County
04-064371 SEELIGSON, A. A. Jim Wells County
04-064725 SEELIGSON, A. A. Jim Wells County
04-065010 SEELIGSON, A. A. Jim Wells County
04-06504 RACHAL San Patricio County
04-065141 SEELIGSON, A.A. A/C 5 Jim Wells County
06-00258 ROBINSON HEIRS -B- Wood County
06-00559 JARVIS COLLEGE Wood County
06-016280 ORR, F. L. Marion County
06-016687 SHILOH GAS UNIT 1 Rusk County
06-016688 SHILOH GAS UNIT 4 Rusk County
06-016704 /HARRELL,L.W.ET AL/ SHILOH GU #6 Rusk County
08-020327 WALTON, J. B., -E- A/C 2 Winkler County
08-020683 WEATHERBY, I. B. Pecos County
08-033383 COWDEN, R. B. SEC. 11 Ector County
08-033527 STATE WALTON Winkler County
08-033844 ATHEY, CHARLES B. Pecos County
08-08331 NOLLEY, BERTHA A/C #2 Andrews County
08-08647 HERDER, GEORGE Andrews County
08-09778 COWDEN, R.B., SEC. 11
09-05295 BREWER, J. R. Wichita County
09-11222 GILMORE, H. C. "A" Jack County
09-16836 WILL-THOM -B- Wichita County
6E-08131 GOYNE, MARY
6E-08133 GRIFFIN, L.A.
6E-08145 KINSEL, A.M.
6E-08156 MOORES, S.W. Rusk County
6E-08157 MOORE, W.P.
7C-06432 SUGG-FARMER TR. 8 Irion County
7C-06461 POWELL, VIRGIL B Upton County
7C-06912 HABERMACHER, R. A. Irion County
7C-07004 SUGG-FARMAR TRACT 8 Irion County
8A-17385 H & J SEC. 420 Gaines County
8A-18016 KENDRICK, R. M. Yoakum County
8A-18722 H & J SEC. 455-D Gaines County
8A-60047 MAHONEY, H. O. Yoakum County
8A-60625 H & J SEC. 265 Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Mobil Oil Corporation