Mosbacher Production Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Mosbacher Production Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Mosbacher Production Co.
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712 MAIN ST #2200 % W.M.GLASGOW

Leases Operated by Mosbacher Production Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000345 WILSON, FLORENCE C. Atascosa County
01-022789 DORNAK, JOHN, GAS UNIT Atascosa County
01-06240 ROBASON, H.G. Gonzales County
01-06288 HENDERSON-JOHNSTON Gonzales County
01-07070 MILLS, MORGAN W. UNIT Gonzales County
01-07091 MCCASKILL, H.R. ET. UX Gonzales County
01-07775 BECKENDORF, HERBERT M. Gonzales County
01-092822 HENDERSON-JOHNSTON Gonzales County
01-09920 STEINER, T.W. ET UX Wilson County
02-003487 CLARK, CLAY Lavaca County
02-003493 CLARK, CLAY Lavaca County
02-003858 FERRELL, ISABEL R., MRS. -A- Live Oak County
02-004181 CRANZ, GUS E. Live Oak County
02-004400 ZENGERLE, H. DeWitt County
02-004805 LEY, W. D. DeWitt County
02-034083 ROEHL, WALTER O. DeWitt County
02-036102 OEHLKE, GUS Goliad County
02-042291 FERRELL, ISABEL R., MRS., -A- Live Oak County
02-058666 GARZA, ALFREDO UNIT Live Oak County
02-058701 PROSEN GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-058960 COLE, EMMETT Calhoun County
02-061829 FENNER, IVAN Jackson County
02-065173 BARNETT, P. M. ET AL Calhoun County
02-066925 ZENGERLE DeWitt County
02-068604 SLADECEK GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-068605 SLADECEK GAS UNIT Lavaca County
02-07016 WILSON, W. B. EST. Goliad County
02-07180 WILSON, W. B. EST. Goliad County
02-073561 MIXON, J. B. Karnes County
02-090942 HOUDMAN, HENRY E. Live Oak County
02-092071 TRULL ESTATES -A- Calhoun County
02-109553 FERRELL, MRS. I "A" Live Oak County
02-111329 COLE, EMMETT Calhoun County
03-037930 TAYLOR, ADDIE JO Wharton County
03-038680 DUNCAN, DONALD Wharton County
03-044294 ZOELLNER, W. F. Colorado County
03-045641 ATLANTIC-SINCLAIR FEE Tyler County
03-045642 ATLANTIC-SINCLAIR FEE Tyler County
03-046236 ATLANTIC-SINCLAIR FEE Tyler County
03-046778 ATLANTIC-SINCLAIR FEE Tyler County
03-050657 JOHNSTON, META Colorado County
03-051063 JOHNSTON, META Colorado County
03-064859 W. F. ZOELLNER Colorado County
03-069260 H&TC SECTION 199 Hardin County
03-070080 DUNCAN Colorado County
03-070322 RICE, WILLIAM INSTITUTE Tyler County
03-070858 NEUMAN, ALTON E. ET AL Waller County
03-072002 STATE TRACT 152 Galveston County
03-072114 STATE TRACT 152 Galveston County
03-072127 STATE TRACT 152 Galveston County
03-075943 ARCO FEE BROWN Tyler County
03-076432 KIRBY Tyler County
03-076572 KIRBY Tyler County
03-076922 STATE TRACT 163 Galveston County
03-078410 WILLIAM RICE INSTITUTE Tyler County
03-078688 STATE TRACT 162 Galveston County
03-085477 RICE, WILLIAM INSTITUTE Tyler County
03-085773 DUNCAN Colorado County
03-09213 ATLANTIC-SINCLAIR FEE Tyler County
03-093412 RICE, WILLIAM INSTITUTE Tyler County
03-105250 STATE TRACT 152 Galveston County
03-11988 VICKERS, J.A. FEE Hardin County
03-12301 H&TC, FEE SEC 199 Hardin County
03-12908 SPEARMAN, ROBERT -A- Burleson County
03-13721 BOND, W. R. Burleson County
03-13943 JONES, GONZALES A. ESTATE Burleson County
03-14851 SAM N. FACHORN ET. UX. Burleson County
03-14853 ROBERT SPEARMAN "B" Burleson County
05-02296 SAM F. DESTEFANO Robertson County
05-069734 WILLIAMS, E. H. Limestone County

Drilling Permits Filed by Mosbacher Production Co.