Mustang Fuel Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Mustang Fuel Corporation
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Leases Operated by Mustang Fuel Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-08352 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-08493 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-162011 KEERAN Victoria County
02-162013 KEERAN Victoria County
02-167015 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-167018 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-167294 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-167502 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-168327 BORCHERS RANCH - BOR "B" Lavaca County
02-170612 MUSSELMAN RANCHES, INC. DeWitt County
02-171298 REIFFERT-THOMAS G. U. #1 DeWitt County
02-173018 KEY DeWitt County
02-173618 REIFFERT -A- G. U. DeWitt County
02-174128 MUSSELMAN RANCHES, INC. DeWitt County
02-210298 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
03-134470 TAYLOR Wharton County
03-138149 TAYLOR Wharton County
03-141211 TAYLOR Wharton County
03-170290 PEARL Colorado County
03-171657 DUNCAN Wharton County
03-173652 DUNCAN Wharton County
03-173654 CRANEK Wharton County
03-176483 SMAISTRLA Wharton County
03-177253 DUNCAN "A" Wharton County
03-177254 JOCHETZ "A" Wharton County
03-177447 JANIS Wharton County
03-178234 KOUDELKA Wharton County
03-178368 DANIEL Wharton County
03-181246 TAYLOR Wharton County
03-182510 KRAMR Wharton County
03-183647 TRUMBLE Wharton County
03-184030 MURRILE Wharton County
03-184742 KUBES Wharton County
03-185728 DUNCAN Wharton County
03-193085 MORRISON Wharton County
03-193701 BRADLEY Wharton County
10-05089 MCMORDIE "B" Roberts County
10-07067 PAYNE Roberts County
10-07319 MCMORDIE "B" Roberts County
10-07344 MCMORDIE Roberts County
10-07483 MCCORDIE "B" Roberts County
10-102637 MCMORDIE Roberts County
10-121243 STATE OF TEXAS Hemphill County
10-158382 MCMORDIE Roberts County
10-171830 MCMORDIE "B" Roberts County
10-202672 PAYNE Roberts County
10-214503 MCCORDIE "B" Roberts County

Drilling Permits Filed by Mustang Fuel Corporation