Nadel And Gussman, L.L.C. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Nadel And Gussman, L.L.C.
Map of Wells Operated by Nadel And Gussman, L.L.C.
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15 EAST 5TH ST STE 3300
TULSA, OK 74103


National Activity for Nadel And Gussman LLC

Leases Operated by Nadel And Gussman, L.L.C.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-02953 GRIER Henderson County
05-03061 DUNN Leon County
05-150847 CHAMBERS, O.W. Limestone County
05-167103 CHAMBERS, O. W. Limestone County
05-189599 CHAMBERS, O.W. Limestone County
06-05941 ROGERS, FRED Rusk County
06-084141 ROGERS, FINIS UNIT Rusk County
06-086577 ROGERS, FINIS UNIT Rusk County
06-087081 CANNON, T.P. Rusk County
06-095333 NE TRAWICK GU 4 Rusk County
06-10033 LLOYD, C. E. Rusk County
06-10059 LLOYD, C. E. -A- Rusk County
06-10063 LLOYD, C. E. -B- Rusk County
06-10237 BOLTON -A- Rusk County
06-10459 HARPER -A- Rusk County
06-105115 WARNER Cherokee County
06-10714 TEXAS UTILITIES Rusk County
06-10986 TEXAS UTILITIES "A" Rusk County
06-11005 TEXAS UTILITIES Rusk County
06-11115 BOLTON "A" Rusk County
06-11172 HUFF, G. J. Rusk County
06-112004 N.E. TRAWICK GU 3 Rusk County
06-11298 BOLTON "A-2" Rusk County
06-11489 BOLTON "A-3" Rusk County
06-11591 FONVILLE, F. M. Gregg County
06-11631 BIRDWELL "B" Rusk County
06-12229 SNAVELY HEIRS Gregg County
06-12237 HARPER "C" Rusk County
06-12515 HARPER "A" Rusk County
06-12742 HARPER "J" Rusk County
06-128171 TILLERY, JOHN D. Upshur County
06-13199 LLOYD, C. E. -A- Rusk County
06-13203 WHITLEY OIL UNIT Rusk County
06-13574 FRED ROGERS OIL UNIT Rusk County
06-13889 CROMER Marion County
06-14236 CROMER Marion County
06-14270 CROMER A Marion County
06-14352 TORRANS UNIT NO. 4 Marion County
06-14371 CROMER Marion County
06-14399 BRADEN Marion County
06-14404 CROMER 3 Marion County
06-14407 CROMER 6 Marion County
06-14416 STROM, A. ET AL Marion County
06-14556 BOLTON "A" Rusk County
06-14557 TEXAS UTILITIES Rusk County
06-14558 JONES "QQ" Rusk County
06-14559 HARPER "A" Rusk County
06-14560 STRONG, S. K. Rusk County
06-14561 HENDERSON EAST UNIT Rusk County
06-14562 LLOYD, C. E. Rusk County
06-14563 LLOYD, C. E. -A- Rusk County
06-14564 LLOYD, C. E. -B- Rusk County
06-14600 SHERRILL Marion County
06-14670 CROMER Marion County
06-14680 CROMER Marion County
06-150585 NE TRAWICK GU #1 Rusk County
06-153358 CROMER Marion County
06-153381 WAKEFIELD Marion County
06-153547 NE TRAWICK GU #1 Rusk County
06-154871 NE TRAWICK GU #1 Rusk County
06-193598 BRADEN Marion County
06-198434 CROMER Marion County
06-205245 TRAWICK G.U. 2 Rusk County
06-221778 TILLERY, JOHN D. Upshur County
06-222521 NORTHEAST TRAWICK G.U. 6 Rusk County
06-231317 WARNER Cherokee County
06-231319 NE TRAWICK GAS UNIT NO. 4 Rusk County
06-232120 BIG OAK Marion County
06-234883 JOHNSON, C. WALLACE, ET AL Marion County
09-32756 THUNDER A-965 Young County
09-32899 HUZON A- 510 Young County
09-33263 THUNDER A-759 Young County
09-33272 HILL A-1095 Young County
09-33780 THUNDER A-759 Young County
10-07305 THREE CORRALS Roberts County
10-131527 -3- CORRALS Roberts County
10-132016 EUDY Lipscomb County
7B-31515 REMUDA A-124 Throckmorton County
7B-31537 REMUDA A-154 Throckmorton County
7B-31889 THUNDER A-965 Young County

Drilling Permits Filed by Nadel And Gussman, L.L.C.