New Height Energy, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By New Height Energy, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by New Height Energy, LLC
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7670 WOODWAY DR. STE 380


Leases Operated by New Height Energy, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-13349 PRIEST & BEAVERS UNIT Pecos County
08-19451 EDWARDS, JACK -M- Ward County
08-217703 SANTA ROSA STATE Pecos County
08-226268 PECOS BILL Pecos County
08-24374 COLLINS Sterling County
08-26458 GOLLADAY,B. W. Midland County
08-288363 COWDEN RANCH 'A' Crane County
08-32758 ROSE CREEK NORTH UNIT Sterling County
08-33561 ELLWOOD Mitchell County
08-33899 RENDERBROOK CREEK (MISS) UNIT Sterling County
08-34342 MUSTANG DRAW 13 Glasscock County
08-36887 FOSTER 60 Sterling County
08-36933 AINSWORTH "10" Sterling County
08-37011 FOSTER '73' Sterling County
08-37375 PECOS BILL Pecos County
08-37438 13 MILES Sterling County
08-38312 KOHLER-CLARK Sterling County
08-39322 GLASS 59 Sterling County
08-39323 APACHE 58 Sterling County
08-39334 BLUE 15 Sterling County
08-39352 TAHITI 33 Mitchell County
08-39355 ATECA 72 Sterling County
08-39441 RED DEER 27 Mitchell County
08-39473 RED DEER "27" Mitchell County
08-39514 LITTLE BLUE 58 Sterling County
08-39516 BLUE 15 Sterling County
08-39600 BUNTON 37 Sterling County
08-39608 AMF 38 Sterling County
08-39656 GLASS 11 Mitchell County
08-39682 ATECA 72 Sterling County
08-39693 COLLINS Sterling County
08-39697 FOSTER 14 Sterling County
08-39704 CLARK Sterling County
08-39816 ATECA 54 Sterling County
08-39977 SCOTT 12 Mitchell County
08-40244 BLUE 15 Sterling County
08-42126 MCCAULEY "6" Glasscock County
08-42280 COWDEN 58 Crane County
08-42307 AZALEA GRAYBURG UNIT Midland County
08-43039 THREE SISTERS Glasscock County
08-44455 THREE SISTERS Glasscock County
08-44461 COTTER 6 Glasscock County
08-44802 COWDEN RANCH 'B' Crane County
08-44919 G. HILLGER 8 Glasscock County
08-45434 VAN COURT Crane County
08-45773 LAREDO 17 Glasscock County
08-46727 HANNATHON EAST Glasscock County
7B-25485 BISSETT, NE (STRAWN LIME) King County
7B-31150 TAMALE Haskell County
7B-31303 TECATE Haskell County
7B-31780 CEVICHE Stonewall County
8A-020139 MASTERSON, R. B. King County
8A-060106 MASTERSON RANCH King County
8A-060108 GIBSON, J. J. "34" Cottle County
8A-064050 MASTERSON RANCH 40 King County
8A-064051 MASTERSON RANCH King County
8A-064052 MASTERSON RANCH King County
8A-064723 MASTERSON, FLOYCE King County
8A-077338 MASTERSON, FLOYCE King County
8A-083931 TAYLOR, B. J. Cottle County
8A-102500 THOMAS, R. A. ET AL Cottle County
8A-117120 GOODWIN Cottle County
8A-117775 MASTERSON, R. S. King County
8A-14067 WEBB, A. E. Yoakum County
8A-176774 BEADHEAD SCUD 53 King County
8A-176776 BEADHEAD EMERGER 65 King County
8A-17847 WHATLEY, E. S. ET AL Dawson County
8A-18500 CANON RANCH UNIT Borden County
8A-60662 ROPES, E. (CLEARFORK) UNIT Hockley County
8A-66868 GIN UNIT Dawson County
8A-69088 CANON "28" Dawson County
8A-69679 PINKERT Hockley County
8A-69705 PINKERT Hockley County
8A-69796 SCHMALSTEIG Hockley County
8A-70201 BATEMAN RANCH STATE King County
8A-70229 GREEN LANTERN Hockley County
8A-70236 BATEMAN RANCH BB King County
8A-70279 CANON 33 Borden County
8A-70394 CANON '27' Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by New Height Energy, LLC