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Leases Operated by New Horizon Resources LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-11298 BEICKER Karnes County
02-284177 GAP BAND Karnes County
03-006844 WILSON, CHARLES, FEE Liberty County
03-02279 HANNAH, DAVID, 45-ACRES Liberty County
03-02334 HANNAH, D. Liberty County
03-02674 WILSON, CHAS. FEE Liberty County
03-02676 MITCHELL, JOSEPH, ESTATE Liberty County
03-02707 MITCHELL, LEON Liberty County
03-02713 GULF-BALDWIN FEE Liberty County
03-04575 PRUITT, MRS. MINNIE, FEE Liberty County
03-05261 BALDWIN, J. C. FEE A/C 1 Liberty County
03-05264 STERLING, A. A. Liberty County
03-05369 LIBERTY TOWNSITE UNIT 1 Liberty County
03-07208 FISHER, CHARLES Liberty County
03-07973 HAYES-ALBRITTON EST. -A- Chambers County
03-20359 WILCOX, G.C. Chambers County
03-21093 MCCOY, KIRBY "A" Liberty County
03-24916 BRUNSON, "A", B.A. Liberty County
05-03916 PAN AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE Henderson County
05-03945 TAYLOR Henderson County
05-04050 TRITON Henderson County
05-04277 CATFISH CREEK Henderson County
05-04278 CATFISH CREEK #2 Henderson County
05-04299 BEECHER-COX Henderson County
05-04308 LAMBRIGHT HEIRS UNIT Henderson County
05-04309 LARUE UNIT Henderson County
05-04310 PEARCY-PRESCOTT UNIT Henderson County
05-04311 HOLLEY LAKE UNIT Henderson County
05-04312 PHARRIS UNIT Henderson County
05-04313 KNEPPLE UNIT Henderson County
05-04314 FDIC UNIT Henderson County
05-04315 JERNIGAN UNIT Henderson County
05-04316 JA NEWLAND UNIT Anderson County
05-04317 RADETZKY UNIT Henderson County
05-04318 BYWATERS UNIT Henderson County
05-04319 JOYCE UNIT Henderson County
05-04320 TESELLE UNIT Henderson County
05-04321 GLAD OAKS UNIT Anderson County
05-04322 A.F. HOGG UNIT Henderson County
05-04325 PALMER UNIT Henderson County
05-04329 MCCUTCHIN UNIT Henderson County
05-04333 J. REYNOLDS UNIT Henderson County
05-04339 WOODALL UNIT Henderson County
05-04344 CROMBIE UNIT Henderson County
05-04348 CATFISH-MINE UNIT Henderson County
05-04378 VANNOY UNIT Anderson County
06-11361 YANTIS FIELD UNIT Wood County
06-139147 AKINS Panola County
06-14732 SHIVERS Panola County
06-162268 AKINS Panola County
06-170333 CHEROKEE EAGLE Rusk County
06-172529 CHEROKEE EAGLE Rusk County
06-190812 CHEROKEE EAGLE Rusk County
06-198543 CHEROKEE EAGLE Rusk County
06-207202 WRIGHT Rusk County
06-222644 WRIGHT Rusk County
06-237278 TILLER GAS UNIT Panola County
06-239896 SHIVERS Panola County
06-250322 WORLEY Anderson County
09-00105 ANARENE -B- Archer County
09-00106 ANARENE "A" Archer County
09-00287 GREEN, MARY Archer County
09-00438 GREEN, F. C. -K- Archer County
09-00583 CONTINENTAL FALLS CO. -A B & C- Archer County
09-00584 FALLS COUNTY Archer County
09-00586 FALLS CO. SCRANTON-BOYLES Archer County
09-10418 GREEN, F. C. Archer County
09-17799 MCCLOUD, W. L. Jack County
8A-03529 VEAL Cochran County
8A-05981 DEAN "C" Cochran County
8A-05985 MALLET "C" Cochran County
8A-18102 BOYD MALLET UNIT Cochran County
8A-19452 WRIGHT UNIT Cochran County
8A-60448 T. L. B. UNIT Cochran County
8A-62111 WRIGHT, DELA S. "E" Cochran County
8A-62266 WRIGHT, DELA S. "F" Cochran County
8A-65305 PLK "41" Garza County
8A-66192 PLK "41" Garza County
8A-67887 MAGNUM LEVELLAND UNIT Cochran County
8A-68749 PLK 32 Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by New Horizon Resources LLC